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You'll either love it or it'll have you spitting feathers. See for example their take on "spiralling" UK crime rates-

Media Scaremongering on Crime
Here we go again. The newspapers are talking about a “wave of crime engulfing Britain”. They are referring to increased levels of street crime. Let’s put it into perspective:

• In the last decade overall crime fell by 20% – a fact verified by the authoritative British Crime Survey.
• Street robbery has risen, but it represents under 2% of overall crime.
• The surge in street crime is largely due to increased numbers of mobile phone thefts, committed against teenagers by teenagers.
• Street crime isn’t widespread – it’s concentrated in less than a dozen urban regions (eg London and Manchester) which account for 82% of all street robberies.
• Street crime in London shot up last year, partly because police were redeployed to protect landmarks after September 11.
• To reiterate: over the last decade, the annual number of robberies rose by 40,000, but the total number of crimes fell by over 1,000,000.

In April 2002, “fear of crime” was the reason given by French political commentators for the rise in popularity of the far right. Daily Mail journalists should probably ask themselves whether they might be causing more damage to society than teenage cell-phone snatchers.

[For an update on crime statistics, see Media scaremongering on crime]
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