Antwan Le Frog sings "We Are The Brits". For Chradee. Too good to miss

Hi there, Anton is a Brit born and bred, just thought you'd like to know :) Father is half English half Scottish - is there a reason why if one letter is left off a name someone would think it French?
Sorry chaps, capesses, Dale and the rest of the confused citizens, but some Frog just posted the funniest thing I have seen in a long while in the Charities & Welfare forum. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome warmly, "We are the Brits" by Antwon. It is for Charidee it would seem.

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I started finding it cringe-worthy but quickly grew to finding it bloody funny with a tad of pride stiringness.


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Last night Jesus came to me again. He said "Duke, I am right fucked off with your shite so I am giving you a choice. You can....

1) Remain as you always were. Proud and happy to be a Brit. Just like Antwan The Toothy Frog Crooner here.
2) I can make you a 5' ginger Welsh git with a squint, a hump back and a thing for farmyard animals.

Your shout."

I thought for a second then said "Well there is nice Jesus isnt it. Fancy a drop scone do you? Yachy Da then boyo. I must be away to see to my tups, isnt it well?"

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