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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Whiskybreath, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. I think most people agree that Norton/Symantec slows everything down like an anchor on a speedboat, but on another thread msr has recommended ESET NOD32 which from that set of comparison charts looks very impressive. However, I've never previously heard of it (not that that means much), and every so often someone pops up claiming that XYZ brand is the best. Can those charts be believed?
  2. If you use Linux you can forget all about viruses and anti virus software. End of.
  3. I use the paid for version of AVG, about US$25 for two years.

    I think it was MSR mentioned a good one yesterday but I thought it was expensive at $39 for two years.

    Then again I recently paid US$500 for some prescription safety glasses because I value my eyes...
  4. NOD 32 is very good, used it before.

    Also Kasperksy/Steganos is a good security suite - essentially the same product, just different packaging.

    Or even Trend PC's MicroCillin.

    Avoid Norton and McAfee like the plague - they are crap security/anti-virus packages. The only thing they are good at is marketing and making deals with huge vendors (like PC World, Dixon's etc) to fill shelves with their bloated programmes.
  5. You Sir are a twat,

    Now if you please, step away from that pc.........there's a good chap.
  6. Linux is not virus proof, just that 99% seem to be aimed at microsoft based products. :wink: Duffdike, Duffinfo?

    That quote came from the Site that the test results came from. Quite good and open advice.

    That site (your link) is the manufacturer's theyre clearly going to massage things to suit their claims.
  7. I am sorry guys but you are under a misapprehension. A linux computer simply will not accept an executable file in any form without the owner doing something to activate it by setting the necessary file permissions (chmod). This feature is one of the key building blocks in the design of the LInux operating system which was developed for network use right from the get go. Since I did the 12 step programme I have been Windows free for years. Its brilliant.
  8. The free version of avg from grisoft is good and was recommended to me by a computer engineer as an excellent free package

    Also 'windows defender' can be downloaded free from microsoft website. Am not sure if it does anything different to windows firewall (not being genned up on computers myself) but extra protection i imagine.

    JOTS :pc:
  9. NOD32 is well respected at the moment. I'll tell you why. Norton, McAfee and the like hammer most PCs because they try to do loads of stuff an AV application should not.
    NOD32, just does Virus,Trojan,Worm None of the exrented threat bollox.

    Once upon a time, we had to contend with viruses. (Simple program that did shit the operator didn’t authorize)

    Then came the “Worm” apparently, that could do shit the operator didn’t authorize and then spread to his mates.

    After that we had to contend with, Pictures of naked women!! which actually could take control of our pc’s from us.(Trojan) not the over sized condom.

    All the big names in “security” are trying to cover the entire basis above. Not only that, in real time. IE, scan your box 24/7.. CPU intensive comes to mind, NO?

    There is away to avoid all the bollox above………………………………….Pay for my knowledge biatch’s.

  11. If I send you a file that you are expecting. Called for arguments sake, The latest "KERNEL" and you trust me. What if I am a complete and utter ****?

    Does my very bad code get stuffed into you box??

    to add. You can see my sig?????????????</edited>
  12. jinxy - that might be an exceptional case. But 99.9% of viruses are not sent by friends are they? Beside which most linux users would not accept a kernel from anywhere. Lets not trivialize this. Linux just DOES NOT HAVE the security issues that Windows does. Why argue with that and confuse people?
  13. I must admit I concur with MSR about NOD32 (He put me on to it last year) excellent bit of kit that does what it claims without a massive use in resource.
  14. AVG is simple and easy
    you update twice weekly but only reminds you once a week
    and it just sits there in the background
    Norton take over your bloody computer (nearly worse than AOL - but that's for another thread....)

    I upgraded to a 3/4 computer cover and now have it on the kids computers

    Don't forget you need a Firewall - I use Zone alarms
  15. I take it that the Windows one is no good?

    Im on the work's laptop, and i've got a copy of McAffee with a perpetual license, and i find that on this particular rig, it's less hungry than AVG.