Antipodean Carrier groups- convicts to be a deep sea power?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Mar 16, 2005.

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  1. What is the world coming too.

    The Senior Service are fighting to get funding from TCH for two new R.I.B’s and along come the Aussie’s with illusions of grandeur. Two carriers no less!

    Or is it the fact that the Aussie Government who have had a few run ins with the lefties about preventing illegal immigrants landing and going to war

    Both incidents as I recall involved the ASASR in some way.

    Well maybe the Aussie government has a real idea about Defence and what really might be required for future wars.,10117,12537086-2,00.html
  2. Be nice if they do get at least one carrier, I think they'll be needing one if the region continues to destabilise.

    With getting Abrams too, the Aussies are starting to take defence seriously again. Of course if they'd gone for CR2 then I'd have been even happier.
  3. Good for the Aussies. Seems like these are more akin the RN's Ocean Assault Ships, but with some wizzo jets on. Could we (the UK) make a bid for this work?

    Better still if the RAN wants a couple of carriers how about combining the order with the RN for the CTOL carriers that we're supposed to be getting?
  4. The RN's planned two new carriers are optimised as aircraft carriers. The Aussies are mostly interested in amphibious ships to get their troops to hot spots, and having any fighters aboard is a "nice to have" secondary feature.

    Afaik the RN does have ambitions for similiar ships, two in fact. The first being to replace HMS Ocean when it goes out of service in 2014 and another later on. As LHDs they will be twice the displacement of Ocean. Of course they could just be a gleam in the Admiralty's eye, and the RN already has to order and pay for a lot of ships in the next decade.