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Antifa and White Supremacists you'd do.

I am and always have been, an Antifa, even before the the name existed
Served part time too in the black bloks movement and the yellow fluos
No surrender to usless sons of fuds is my motto
Go f your selves
That would explain the Beret but do you drop your shield before or after you the CS aroma therapy?
There can be only one.....

And on the left side of the divide. Patty Hearst.

Who also qualifies for the MILF and Brunette threads too. (Well, I would).


Sickly looking creature, reeking of vinegar and angst. Curdle your sperm the minute you drop your kecks.
As I am now sobering up a bit, you are absolutely right! And I don't mean left.
Im just looking at some photos of real Nazi women, they ain't up to much

On a scale of 1 to 10

Eva Braun: 6
Emmy Goring: 4
Irma Grease: Minus 8
Margarete Himmler :5

They might have had cool uniforms and made the trains run on time, but their taste in women is questionable.
Miss Hitler 2018 was cute.
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Probably don't bother if you're Jewish though.
This is the most deranged thread on this forum but I just couldn't not contribute to it and unfortunately everyone seems to have posted the stunning women from the far right . Yes both of them

Not too many candidates from the Anti-Nazi League or the SWP but that' probably because the male members use them as rape toys
Former Governor of Alaska.



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