Hi all,
Just after some advise. Long story but short version is im currently at low point in life.
Cant seem to get over the low im in at the moment. A civvy friend who's a doc has recommend a course of antidepressants.
I don't really want to go to the MO as im worried it will lead to me getting downgraded and booted out.
What the score with serving soldiers and antidepressants?

Stand by for the abuse and man up advice.
Not thinking of take any pills. Just wanting to know if the MO perscibbed them to me would I face getting booted out?
Mate, you've reached out that's a good thing.

Go speak to the Unit Welfare Officer or MO.

Your overall health has to come first. If you get temporarily downgraded that's because you need it. If you're at such a low that you you've come on here, that's a good (if risky) thing.

Go and speak to someone in your Unit, reach out a bit closer to home.

Good luck mate.
PS I got Temp Downgraded after surgery a few years ago. I was a bit bothered about it because I was coming up to renewing my contract. I recovered, physio'd got Med Boarded and upgraded again.

Speak to someone.
see PM's


Not thinking of take any pills. Just wanting to know if the MO perscibbed them to me would I face getting booted out?
MO. As soon as you can.
Depending on your circumstances anti-depressants may not be the answer. I don't know as I didn't spend several years at university learning doctoring but I never took them when I had a head wobble / depression and with proper, qualified help turned it round.

Best wishes and all that
Mate, your life and health are more important than your job, career, family expectations, any of it. If this is a genuine cry for help, then seek some medical advice. If you are sometimes low, and sometimes really 'up' you could be Bi Polar.
This isn't something to hide or take lightly, as suicide is a possible outcome if you try to ignore it.

For once, I hope this is a shit wind up.


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I'd get to the bottom of your feelings rather than hit a bottle or see a doc. as soon as you do that it messes up your career.

my little brother has really messed himself up that way regards tours and postings including the 6 month jolly he was meant to be on now.

its messed him up more than the pills or the why he's taking them.

see the padre first and get involved in something to distract you.
If you have a health condition that needs medication then surely the MO is the route to go, however maybe you do not need medication, there are ways other than antidepressants that work with depression.

Get assessed by MO and go from there, i am sure the MO is not going to prescribe medication if it is not needed, if it is required, take it, get your mood back on even keel, and please when you feel better do not just stop the medication unless advised to by MO.
Go see a doctor. Padre might help to off load on but FFS see a GP/MO. You are not the first Soldier the Army has met with Stress/Depresion be it personal or service related. Just don't reach for the bottle or keep it inside until you explode.
If you need to try a charity, Combat Stress? Or self refer for counselling for some initial help.
chin up
Just hope you don't get the doctor I got. Completely fobbed off and told he would not help me. Oh what fun I had!

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Half the NHS is on Fluoxetine.
And about the same amount of my day job.

A Chief Inspector was telling me (without too many details) how common it was for cops to take leave for the first couple of weeks for the Fluoxetine to kick in. Widespread.

Talking's a bloody good start. Padre, someone you can trust (maybe they are both?)

And reading "Overcoming Depression" by Paul Gilbert, it's even on the books on prescription system.

Good luck mate.
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