Antibiotics and Alcohol

the problem is that the antibiotic will be less effective. you run the risk of making your infection worse.

Incidentaly, this one route to the creation of 'superbugs'. If you start taking an antibiotic, then stop, you massively increase the chances that the remaining bacterial population are largely immune to the antibiotic. that is why you are told to complete the course. So, by drinking, you are putting yourself and others at risk.

Is it worth it for the sake of a few jars?


well its a little late now mate, although in fairness, i did complete my course, they finished yesterday afternoon and i started drinking last night.

could've done with that information yesterday though. ah well, lesson learnt.


If you are on antibiotics avoid any toothpaste or stuff with Triclosan in it, it might mess up the treament. Some people could get a reaction. The best stuff as a substitute is sea salt.


In the case of amoxyllin alcohol will merely stop the effect of the antibiotic. Dose up after and you resume the treatment having missed a days dosage. No biggie, but do continue the full course. If youre on about 250 to 350 mg for 10 days, should be right as rain.



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1. The only commonly used antibiotic that is known to interact directly with alcohol is metronidazole (Flagyl). It is chemically very very simalr to 'Antabuse' which is a drug designed to provide aversion therapy to alcoholics ie alcoholics on the drug wld throw up if tempted to try the booze.

2. If you have too much alcohol when on a regular course of other antibiotics it can impede the absorption or, if really mullered, you can end up throwing it up. Either way you get sub-optimal levels of antibiotic in the blood stream which could lead to the bugs being able to build up resistance.

3. Another group of antibiotics that casues problems is the tetracyclines, which includes the commonly used drugs oxytetracycline and doxycycline. These interact with a number of salts especially calcium and so have to be careful not to taken with certain food stuffs and indigestion remedies.

4. Interaction with Triclosan is completely new to me. Pse can you point me to references? VMT



Alcohol is counter-productive to your immune systyem, which kicks "recovery" a little. Nothing a little manning up can't get over.

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