Anti-zombie weapons of choice

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crabby, Sep 18, 2008.

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  1. Zombies (or infected, diseased etc) have taken over the world, a la "I am legend" or "28 days later". NOT Shaun of the dead style Zombies.

    Other than bad breath, charm and a swagger that would wet a lady's wet bits at 100yards what would be your weapons of choice?
  2. My good lady friend's final act of self sacrifice you know the one where she runs slower than you enabling the zombies to feast on her while you get away pretending her screaming for you was encouragment to get away
  3. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Sidearm: .357 Python, decent round, and should have decent range..
    Shotgun: any pump action jobby with 12 guage buckshot and slug
    Rifle: AK47 ideally, a decent round, doesnt need to be terribly accurate, and its ability to be used without very much cleaning at all would be useful I think.
    2nd choice would be something like an SLR, good range, good accuracy, hard hitting round
    Baseball bat or similar could be useful, for when all else fails..
  4. side arm colt 45
    long range SLR/FN
    close in work Spaz 12
    last ditch mini uzi
    And if all else fails my good old five iron
  5. Mine would be some sort of APC with a heavy machine gun!
  6. re-reading world war z by max brooks

    for your standard 'real' zombies then a shaolin spade
    or a lobo, well the ml-50 with a longer handle

    for those 'fake' ones in 28days or dawn of the dead(new) i'd be fcucked cos i's a fatty

    bastad, too slow, just scanned & been beaten to it :(
  7. [​IMG]

    This could be very effective.
  8. I wouldn't mind having a GPMG with plenty of link. Preferably 1bit just for added visual pleasure.
  9. "blades don't need reloading" :) (quoted from the "Zombie Survival Guide")
  10. Id like to be in a warrior apc, packed full of food / water / ammo / fuel.
    With a gatlin gun mounted on top, and several back up weapons including : spas 12, desert eagle, barrett.. etc etc and of course a chain saw