Anti War protesters Distruped 2 Royal Anglian Parade

Bunch of fcuking arrseholes with not a clue what they're on about more then likely. Good to see some of the locals got stuck into them...maybe they just got the hump when they saw their brother get shot by a Royal Anglian on ross kemp!


Bradstyley said:
Bunch of fcuking arrseholes with not a clue what they're on about more then likely. Good to see some of the locals got stuck into them...
Whether we like it or not and even though the government are doing their best to remove the right to protest it is still allowed in a free democratic country.

Edited to add: The bus is at present unavailable for jolly's.
Imagine the outrage if some 'Brits' staged a demonstration against Muslims and referred to them as 'rag-heads' and the like?

Sadly, this country is now 'cream-crackered', 'cattle-trucked' even and much of that is down to the cowardly government non-entities too petrified to confront the 'foreign' Muslim extremists for fear of being labelled racist.

I spit on this government and extremists of all races, colours and creeds.

Well done 'Poachers', bloody well done!
Yet again I am reminded about 'that' speech in A few good men.

Outraged?Not this callsign.Let them have their say and keep pushing and pushing.One day their house of cards will fall down around them.

A number of people among the crowd reportedly turned on members of the protest group shouting abuse.

Police were forced to intervene and held back some people in the crowd.
Brings a glow to the heart.Good effort folks.
please tell me where I've written people shouldn't be allowed to protest? I fully agree they have a right to protest about whatever they like, just as I have a right to think their cause is b0ll0cks and smile when someone turns on them...
psychobabble said:
Pararegtom said:
just came up on the BBC London, Anti- war Muslim protesters tried to attack soldeirs .
Doesn't mention Muslims in the article, did it say that on the report or is this an assumption?

edited to add; Now it does!
Watch the video. My diversity reprogrammer might cringe at my stereotyping but they're from the right ethnic group and the shouts of "allah akbar" gave it away.

Personally I think these particular protestors are cnuts, but it's their right to be cnuts if they want to be. Though I do get annoyed that people protest against those who provide them the freedom to protest.
What the f*ck why weren`t they cleared before the parade. Balls to freedom of speech they are probably living on uk benefits so they can either be loyal or f*ck off to their Muslim brothers in shitholeistan.
What a bunch of throbbers! Still, I suppose it's free speech and all that, even if we don't agree with their message. Although why a scant half-dozen nutters should get the air-time, I don't know.

However, I was particularly heartened when I read this:
Members of the crowd who had turned out to support the parade then turned on the protest group.
Thad'll learn the fückers!

Outraged Muslims,in Luton? Shocka :D

I counted around about 8 guys protesting,I would bet they represent an absolutely minority of those who turned out that day. They came across as a desperate bunch of loonies.

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