Anti War Protester Spits on Veteran by Trafalger Square

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hellmans, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. Following the Cenotaph Parade today, the Vets were leaving via Admiralty Arch when a female Anti War Protester spat on an 80 year old veteran several times, on him and his medals.

    I understand there were more than a few Green Jackets who lept to his defence and were about to rip her head off. (I think they produced a mini moke and a couple of shovels within 30secs)

    She was nicked by the Police and the Veteran physically unharmed.

    Press were all over it so should be in the papers I would think, but totally unbelieveable and unforgiveable.

    MM :x
  2. Fecking scum. I'm all for the right to protest and free speech, but then there's being the sort of automatically-hateful unthinking toerag that does this. Probably doesn't even realise that that old gent would have gone to war and no doubt lost mates to secure her the right to freedom of speech, expression and protest. Fcukwits.
  3. Maybe someone should take her to one side and explain the facts of life?

    The only reason she is capable of protesting in any way is due to the sacrifices made by the brave servicemen and women of this country. Utterly disgusting that she is not only protesting on a day such as today but has the nerve to even think she is worthy to breath the same air as those Veterans! May I offer an apology to the Veterans on behalf of civvies everywhere - This filth does not speak for the rest of the country!

    Completely unforgiveable!
  4. She should be reminded that 80 year old war veterans fought for this country for her to have the right to protest.
  5. I second that
  6. Thats really dispicable, but not unexpected from the lunatic fringe.
  7. doesnt the army uphold the ethos for free speech? without us keeping/giving the long hair cnuts the freedom which they then abuse?

    catch 22

    without us we would be overrun and these hippies working in a salt mine

    with us free to malign and berate us wishing we were working in a salt mine
  8. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Ding Ding, All Aboard!
  9. There are a lot of former Servicemen who are now Police who are Members of ARRSE, so to you all, is this not classed as Assault? special powers should be brought in for this and this piece of low life scum should be given the maximum possible sentence and they should make it a Jail Term, doing such a thing to a defenceless old man let alone one who is parading on Remembrance Day with thousands of other vets in the presence of Royalty.

    This is a cowardly, criminal act and as such should be dealt with in the manner it deserves...

    5 Years Minimum and should be 10 years + if she doesn't get a jail sentence then there is no hope for justice in the U.K.! :x
  10. A valid point BIPOLAR but spitting on a vet is not freedom of speech I belive that it counts a assault she may well be infested with some virilant and uncurible desease (least I hope she is) and as such under the circumstances should be prosicuted to the fullest degree. but Id settle for WEREWOLFS idea of punishment in this case.
  11. I must say I am rather outraged. I'm off to POL the bus. Who's with me?
  12. crikey dont take me the wrong way she should have her cnut kicked in, but the reality is muppets dont believe they need us till its too late
  13. It's been a while since the old outrage mobile has been signed out with just cause, I do believe it's time to get the keys.
  14. I can confirm it is true and she was nicked for assault. My understanding is she was of Asian extraction of some kind.
  15. she should be publicly humiliated, am onto it
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