Anti War March

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Sep 25, 2005.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Former TA soldier
    "I feel it is important to show solidarity with a growing realisation that the war was wrong," said former TA Lance Corporal George Solomou, who refused his call up to serve in the conflict. "We are demanding that all the troops are brought back. We believe this issue is key to Iraq's future."

    what a [​IMG]
  2. Moving this to the Naafi Bar........
  3. And there was me thinking opposition to opposition to the war in Iraq was part of the nation's Current Affairs.

    How silly of me.
  4. Ah well see.................moderation is taking the unbiased middle road and being fair. To be fair PTP does do a good job.

    Cnut wearing uniform, march's in Peace rally...he is an ex member of HMF if IRC.

    Then again, highlighting the TA involvement in such an unpopular war by virtue of visual stimulous is surely not a crime?

    Putting subject in the Naafi bar allows one and all to give him an intellectual kicking.............further, the guy is a coward.
  5. Nail / Head

    Although I felt that the campaigns that I was sent on were actually justified (Granby, Grapple, NI and Cyprus, Cyprus just being for the opportunity to beat Swedish tourists to death of course), I would have never have dreamed of chickening out just because I felt the cause was wrong. Don't these people sign an Oath of Allegiance any more?

    Traitor and a coward. If he had gone there first and whined after, I would have sympathy with the guy. If he had been called up on a conscription basis and registered as a concientious objector plea to all war I would have sympathy with the guy.

    Deciding which wars you want to fight (as long as the orders given to you are legal) after you have already signed on the dotted line is a cop out. String him up.
  6. Isn't it a criminal offence to dress up in an 'accurate' Army uniform? What the f*ck is he wearing webbing for?
  7. That t*sspot is the worst kind of STAB...just taking the army for a ride (and cash) and then not prepared put back anything. Mind you I hear Shaibah hospital is a hellhole of place to be, all those beach parties and fit nurses.....
  8. Fecking idiot, oh how i would to be his PSI, so i could kick the living shite out him, then throw him out the gate!!

  9. I don’t think its webbing but a day sack probably carrying his spare spine and Persil white flag
  10. Fair point LWM.

    Seeing that cnut dressed in a uniform he isn't certainly isn't worthy of, and probably isn't even entitleld to wear, to score shallow political points when the cnut (ah, bless the naafi) hasn't got the balls to wear it otherwise makes my blood boil and I tend to lose all reason.
  11. This is the lad who first came to prominence by phoning up an ongoing phone debate (radio 4 IIRC) to voice his misgivings over Iraq and ended up by saying that he refused to go. Cue round of press conferences etc, etc. MOD respond "We hadn't called him up!"

    The little attention seeking c*ckfag hadn't been brown enveloped.

    Can someone medical explain how a medic (check his capbadge) can have an attack of conscience and refuse to treat patients because it would be unethical?

    PS surprisingly enough, his name is mud at his local TA centre. Wonder if the QMSI has billed him for the kit he's wandered off with?
  12. Even if he was billed and did pay for it, it still belongs to HM, not him.

    Man's a grandstanding cnut.
  13. The guy is an absoloute cnut, one question though, he appears to be wearing a RAMC cap badge with the head-dress and plume of the Royal Irish, yet someone said he is T.A? There is only one R Irish T.A battalion ('The Rangers') based in N. Ireland. Is this guy for real, or has he come all the way over to say he's anti war???
  14. London Irish Rifles - one of the companies that make up the London Regiment (TA).

    There's a lot of very good lads from that coy who did deploy who feel let down by this lad.