Anti-War Activist places US Soldiers under (Citizens) Arrest

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Trip_Wire, Jun 27, 2006.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Link to website:

    Shannon peace activist put six young US service men under (citizens) arrest.

    My comment: To bad they didn't try this on some real Warriors, instead of the three (Overweight) female Soldiers.

    But on the other hand, it did end without an international incident. If this type of thing continues, it will no doubt result in problems. It could have been the soldier awhile back that shouted in some Gals face, at the airport, I doubt he would have been shy.
  2. This story should be front page news in the States. I'd love to see the NORAID contributors faces.........
  3. Trip, the 3 overweight female soldiers were standing outside. The 6 were "Cregan called for the detective to take charge of the soldiers. Fathy followed him out to the front of the building where the six were sheepishly edging their way towards the entrance to the hotel."

    I suppose he just takes Eires' neutrality seriously!

    As for shouting "in some gals face"..... real warrior?
  4. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I think that I posted what I thought of that soldier in that tread!, The only reason that I mentioned him was the way, I suspect he would react, I think you knew that. :roll:
  5. How about counter suing these prat for attempting a false imprisonment? Or how about just telling him to shove if face up his own arrse so far that he might find one of those flag waving Yanks.
  6. It would appear that Mr. Cregan - like many Irish anti-war activists - seems a little ill-informed about the Republic's 'neutrality'.

    Perhaps he would like to explain why U.S. soldiers were allowed on Dublin streets in uniform both during and after the Second World War (I know this because my father saw them);why Allied airmen were not interned (but Germans were) during the Second World War (it became habitual with the Gardaí and Army to allow Allied airmen answer the 'call of nature' near the border...); why the Irish Army's G2 Intelligence branch operated closely with both British Military Intelligence and MI5 during 1939-45; why some 5,000 officers and men deserted from the Irish Army to serve in the British Army; why British flying boats and other aircraft were allowed overfly Irish territory.

    More recently, has it never occured to Mr. Creagn and his ilk to wonder at just why an airport came to be built at Shannon, the most westerly point in Europe during the height of the Cold War (and therefore of enormous strategic importance); has he never wondered why the runway was built to take the weight of fully-laden bombers; does he really imagine that the U.S. Government would have permitted any such enterprise as Shannon Airport to have been built without its permission; and from where do Mr. Cregan & Co. imagine the funding for Shannon Airport came from? (Let's not even mention the Mount Gabriel 'NATO' radar station in Co. Cork...don't take my word for it Mr. Cregan, ask the Green Party and the INLA - the former are never done whining about it, and the latter tried to blow it up).

    How would Mr. Cregan and other anti-war 'activists' explain the funeral through the streets of Dublin for L/Cpl. Ian Malone of the Irish Guards, killed during the British assault on Basra in April '03 - at which both the Irish government and Army were represented and uniformed British soldiers bore L/Cpl. Malone's coffin? Does Mr. Cregan really believe that the jihadists care to make a distinction for 'neutral' Ireland (hardly neutral to your average jihadist - white, Christian, and Western) when they face the Irish regiments in the British Army and such units as the 69th New York Irish National Guard in Iraq. To finish - are Mr. Cregan & Co. utterly detached from the reality of the past and present?

    [Heavens above! 1,000 posts...]
  7. And did he have the right to effect a citizen's arrest ?.

    UK law is something like "for an offence for which a term of imprisonment of 3 yrs or more is possible" ... 3yrs is a bit vague and I'm sure that our plods can put me straight.

    Is the USA a belligerant state in Iraq?. As far as the Iraqi government is concerned they are a friendly power operating in support of that government.

    'Peace activist' - surely an oxymoron?.
  8. Excellent post gallowglass! Add to that the increasing number of Irish officers and NCOs attending courses in UK training establishments. (Not that I've met that many but those I have are very impressive soldiers - in the blood I suppose :) )
  9. Seems as if the US army is even bigger than I thought.

    That means 40,150,000 troops a year.

    It must be very very busy place then.:)
  10. That's a very good point whiffler. I'm not sure that the 'citizens arrest' legal provision actually exists here in the Republic, and it's a little ironic that an anti-war (read: anti-American) activist would so readily have recourse to such an Americanism. In theory, this Cregan fellow could be charged (or at least cautioned) by the Gardaí for wasting police time, and the U.S. military personnel have grounds for complaining at having been falsely detained.

    As for Indymedia...

    Most generous of you Xenophon. It is believed that the Army Ranger Wing train with 'them'...well they train with just about everyone else, so why not? I wonder how Mr. Cregan and his associates would explain away someone such as myself and others? Death-worshipping, war mongering West Brits I imagine...on well, add originality to what else they're lacking.
  11. Aha Steven, but you see, they use the same criteria for estimating the numbers at their various anti-war rallies - think of a number, double it and tack on a few zeros; in this way, a cluster of scruffy 'anti-everything' benefits scroungers and thrill seeking mammys' boys turns into...'MILLIONS DEFY THE BUSH-BLAIR JUNTA!'
  12. At the Galway Airshow (or as the same group call it Warshow) they claimed to have hunderds of protestors who released red balloons,the Garda counted sixty and burst their balloons. :lol:
  13. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    An amusing piece of Paddy-wackery! No doubt the spams involved will be 'dinning out' for years come on tales from the third world.
  14. What the fcuk? its no where near April 1st im finding this story very hard to believe indeed.

    Paddy peace activist - "im placing you under citizens arrest"

    Me - "Oh fcuking really? Go on then"

    Paddy peace activist - 'Ow let go of my arm, im sory sir it wont happen again'
  15. Anyone has the power to act a citizens arrest.

    In Britain, Germany, Eire, france and Italy.

    Those countries I am pretty sure of.

    In fact in the case of Germany if you do not do so when you see a crime then you become partially liable apart from when it would have been unsafe for you to do so!