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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Office_Linebacker, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. In short whats the best?

    Longer version, I took the lady laptop shopping yesterday and they offered us norton. I went pah, all it does is hog resources etc. Well in the end she got it free( she had to get office and some barganing was involved). It comes with 3 licences and i need to put some anit virus software on my laptop. She has used it on hers and I'm wondering should I put it on mine.

    I'm used to using freeware, anti vir and spybot but what is the best software to use (free or paid) that doesn't hog resources? Do I go with the norton (as is is "free") or get something better?
  2. AVG free.

    don't care if it's free; i refuse to install norton, after having to do a complete clean install to get rid of it a few years ago. it infests corners you wouldnt imagine!
  3. Don't put norton on. I've lost count of the number of PCs I've had to remove it from because of performance issues. As jobsworth says, AVG is the AV of choice for home users. I had that before I got myself a copy of McAfee Enterprise from work :)
  4. Agreed,
    Norton are aware this cack is a problem and actually have a download to help you remove fully their software.
  5. That Norton bollocks is probably only free for three months anyway. Mag to grid.

    As said, AVG is a good free solution, but it can occasionally pick up game trainers and keygens as malicious.
  6. Forget anti virus software. Install Linux.
  7. There's always one!
  8. yup. perfect for soldiers. its free.
  9. I wouldn't touch NORTON with yours! Not keen on AVG as I have known a couple of people have issues with it - also because it's free they don't have to be too speedy with issuing signature files!

    I would go for McAfee (which you (I believe) can get free or heavily subsidised through the MOD home user programme on DII?) or splash a bit of cash usually not much though, and shop around and get KASPERSKY.

    It's worth paying for something that could save you a lot hassle and pain in the future I believe.
  10. I agree with all the Anti-Norton posts here. It's horrible and you need knowledge of "Regedit" to get rid of all the nasty left over bits after uninstalling the damn thing.

    I used AVG for years before I moved to Avira Anti virus which I think is better.

    Avira Anti Virus
  11. My bold.

    Not to sound like a c0ck, but do you have anything to support that? As far as I knew the paid version and the free version use the same signature files, so they have a financial incentive to push out the latest sigs asap.
  12. Linux? Not perfect for soldiers. It's difficult.
  13. From AVG: