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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by DMSDAVE, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. I have just got a new pc and installed the basic Norton anti virus protection. What other security measures would be advisable? Any advice appreciated, thanks, Dave.
  2. AVG free just type it into google much better than norton and mcafee.

    Also avast is a good anti virus and is free

    Kapersky is one of the best but you have to pay for it, i got mine in pc worlds recently £19 and you can put it on upto 3 pcs

    download "ccleaner" a very good cleaner that removes waste files and history and traces of internet activity etc

    make sure you activate windows firewall in control panel also look at security centre in control panel

    hope this helps you out
  3. Here we go (all free stuff):

    Anti Virus: Ditch Norton (unless it's the very latest 360 package) - install AVG or AVAST
    Firewall: Comodo or ZoneAlarm
    Anti Spyware: Malwarebytes and SuperantiSpyware (both)
    Utility: Secunia, CCleaner

    - that'll do for starters, lots of alternatives/options, but the above is a start. Standby for a wealth of opinions...
  4. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    What he said, and delete nortons off your system. I've used AVG free on home pc's for donkeys years and prefer it to pretty much everything else.

    other things worth getting include ad-aware and spybot both free and good for getting rid of spy ware and mal ware.

    and for a fire wall I've used zone alert for years.

    if you browse the web you may want to get peer guardian 2 which blocks incoming IP pings.
  5. msr is the daddy of all this. He told me to go to

    It stopped the goat porn on here anyhoo, which has to be a bonus.
  6. I use bitdefender, not a problem found stuff neither norton or avast did, also have Secunia and malwarebytes, which stops goat and donkey porn, which is a bit of a blow.
  7. I have met MSR and agree with you there, i still owe him a pint . thanks for the advice.
  8. You should also try and avoid getting that crap on your PC rather than just relying on something to spot it once it's on.

    Browsing - use IE as little as possible, it's appallingly unsafe. Install Firefox, use the AdBlock, NoScript and FlashBlock plug-ins for extra paranoia.

    Email, use Thunderbird.

    And for ultimate paranoia, turn your PC into a dual boot Linux machine and use the penguin as much as you can.
  9. I use F-Secure security suite. Google it, it's reasonably priced and pretty good. I use Google Chrome on Incognito mode for surfing porn. 8) 8)
  10. Agree with AVG. If you want, torrent the Pro version. It gives you a few more options over the 'free' version.

    I used to have Norton then binned it in favour of AVG. Did a full scan and AVG picked up a shit load of nasty stuff that Norton missed. My computer had more infections than a Kenyan whore. Norton is as useful as a condom made out of a paper party hat. Grab 'Registry Mechanic' too (again, torrent the full version). It'll clean up your registry and make your machine run like a prancing stallion instead of an asthmatic donkey with one leg and **** warts.
  11. FFS the operating system comes with a firewall it works, as well as any other software firewall. use it, if you must. better yet invest in a SOHO router.
  12. You obviously realise you need anti-virus, good. I don't know if you know it yet but programmes you install on your PC "chat" to their seller and can send details from your PC to them, to stop this I have Vista Zone Alarm. This is free and using this you can select what programmes you allow to connect to the internet, you will after a while be suprised how many try. :)

  13. msr

    msr LE

  14. Can they afford it??
  15. He never mentioned donkey porn, the little minx.

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