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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by spannermonkey, Jan 2, 2009.

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  1. Just had the sinking feeling after finding someone has been shopping on my card, to the tune of some 600 pounds....

    phoned the bank and cancelled my card etc

    but the worry i have is, what else do they have ??? infomation wise?

    the reason im posting this here is that i've been i little concerned with my Anti Virus (AVG) has been in an error state for the last week or so and keeps saying it requires a restart ?? but this does not cure it. any ideas??

    any better free AV programs out there
  2. msr

    msr LE

    It's all in the FAQ:

    But don't forget, the details may not have been taken from your PC. In fact, I very much doubt they were.

    I do not recommend AVG, despite the price. A number of banks now offer their customers free antivirus - it's worth having a look, or dropping me a PM.

  3. If you think, what ever fraud was committed, was down to your PC, that means you have been rooted.

    No matter what AV solution you have or ever will have. Your PC is fooked. Clean install is the only safe option! No clean up by any method will ever give you any assurance.
  4. Just redone my AV, but as you rightly say it was probably not via my Pc, the problem is that i only was in the UK for 3 days!!! and that was spent in Abingdon.
  5. I did not say, 'it was probably not via your PC' I only posed the question.
  6. jinxy is saying someone might have hacked your comptuer. Possibley a spybot.

    Have you used THIS card on YOUR PC (or any others) for internet buying?

    If not, then you may just have been had from somewhere else.
  7. For Anti Virus stuff, I use Kaspersky. It's not expensive but it is good. The other thing to consider is your firewall. You should have a hardware box between you and the internet with a firewall on it. I use a cable modem as it has a 4 port router built in. I set intrusion detection at full on and hopefully it keeps everyone - everything - else out.

    Now watch me sit back and relax as one of you fookers hacks my desktop. Sods.

    Farmer B
  8. Really? I just installed it today as my Mcaffe ran out.

    What is bad about it?
  9. Actually, windows has a rather good security policy, apply it and you do not need Anti Virus software, that makes you more vulnerable.
  10. Are you quite mad? The only Rather Good Security Policy that doesn't need a anti-virus is the one where you don't connect to the internet. And don't let any floppy discs, CDs or USB sticks near your PC.
  11. I'm to pissed to educate you.

    I have not run an AV for 3 years. You do not understand what a security policy can do.
  12. Free anti-virus. tried and tested by me for years. ( you,ll have to hunt for the free version on their home page)

    Free firewall. " " " " " "
  13. Right. I'm somewhere between:
    a) blood-boilingly pissed off with that comment and
    b) intrigued to find out how you alone are brighter than all the other PC users out there in t'internetland.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    I seem to be coming across more and more PCs with AVG on and a whole stack of malware.