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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Baldrick66, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. Norton

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  2. Mcafee

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  3. AVG

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  4. Kaspersky

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  5. Sophos

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  6. BitDefender

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  1. Time for the Arrse poll on IT Security. So what do you rate? What is cr*p what would you recommend to a mate?

    Kaspesky for AV and Zone Alarm for a software Firewall get my vote.
  2. AVG and ZA! Can't beat 'em.

  3. Anything other than Norton. I'm a bit of computer biff but couldn't uninstall it from previous now fried laptop, a complete bind.
  4. i've also got spybot search and destroy,never had any probs with it.
  5. got to be AVG free, AVG anti-spyware and Zone Alarm ...
    All great and all free. Czech beer and czech security gotta love em!
  6. Being paranoid i use Norton but i have found out that it slows my recently purchased monster (compared to my last steam powered at least) Pc down a bit which can be a bit of a drag wehn i'm playing BF2.

    For some reason my comp doesn't like AVG or Zone alarm.
  7. I know most people hate AOL, but if you are running it then get a bsaic McAfee AV software, and download free firewall and spyware off AOL, so you get the full package!
  8. AVG free and ad-aware SE personal are all i've ever needed :thumleft:
  9. Talking of Zone Alarm............

    I've found I have to switch it off when I want to view videos on YouTube etc.

    With ZA running I can't seem to view videos on any site.

    Anyone else suffer the same problem? Can anyone offer any suggestions about tuning ZA's settings to enable videos to play?

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  10. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Adaware I liked, and was friendly to an old PC.
    Kaspersky seemed to do the job, but only having been given [with expensive Alienware ALX] 3 months, it never warned me that it was timed out ... which has just been 3 days of dead PC [business and pleasure] thanks to a boot-sector virus [via ARRSE?].
    Re-loaded bossy old Norton ... used to it, and if it keeps the sh*t out I'm not arguing. Don't love it, but it does the job.
  11. I think this poll has a much better chance of identifying the best available piece of Anti-virus software if you include NOD32 in the list! :)
  12. I would have included NOD32, PCillian, Trend, Panda, Net Protect, Bullguard, F-Secure and Zone Alarm Pro. The trouble is there just isn't enough buttons :)
  13. AVG and get a decent router. ZA and the like are a pain in the trump pipe
  14. I use the free McAfee from a link on here for DoD personell, and Sopfos on the lappy. Also use webroot spyware.

    Since I removed Norton my pc seems like it is rocket powered, much faster!