Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_Tara, Jan 28, 2002.

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  1. In a bid to cut down on the bad press that punchy soldiers are creating in a Garrison in Germany I understand that the Comd has sanctioned a numbered T - Shirt policy. Here every soldier booking out is given a colour co-ordinated T Shirt with a number printed front and rear. That way if he causes trouble it is easier to identify him etc. Will the system work?
  2. Yeah, until some body sets up 'T' shirt printing shop in some back street, where did you say this was??
  3. In Germany. The rest as they say is classified at present!!
  4. Anybody know where I can get a job lot of 'T' shirts (Various Colours) ;)
  5. Sounds like an hair brained idea that will not only pose a security risk but sounds like a breach of human rights.  Surely this idea has not been seriously muted.

    Then again, an anti trouble campaign sounds far nicer than an uncle nasty campaign.
  6. I don't think 'Billie' would consider going down town dressed in a 'T' shirt a breach of human rights, they dress like that even in Mid Winter!!  Instead of number front and back, maybe targets would be better, or a big flashing sign that says "please come and do me some damage, I am a British Soldier!"
  7. I dont think wearing a numbered T Shirt going to make them any more of a security risk than they are currently.

    Winter Dress: Jeans, T-Shirt Trainers.
    Summer Dress: As above but with one of those stupid shiny green bomber jackets, a black puffa jacket or a denim jacket.
  8. I suppose it would be easier with the numbers, patrols could travel around the Town shouting "Come in Number 22, your time is up"    Or Soldier Lottery?? Soldier Bingo?? The possibilities are endless. The more I think about it the better an idea it seems.
  9. micro chipping would work well with this as they could pass through a detector that will register in the booking out office and then receive a numbered t-shirt that is booked out to that soldier. all the police have to do is phone a unit and check who was no 456. also units whithin say 2 miles of another unit could have different colours for the shirts
  10. The coloured shirt option for different units is in the plan but the microchip probably hasn't even been discussed.
  11. could we not just dye a soldiers last 3 on his fore head and the back of his head... colour coded for unit and a microchip and a member of thier unit in full ceremonial uniform to accompany every man leaving camp?.. or we could use a system like dog tags where they must be in possesion of a necklace when they leave camp and prove it upon disks wait in guard room till they appear..easy break chain to grab if they are being a pain?
  12. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    Why can't we just accept that If we train agressive young men to fight and then make them paint vehicles all day AND give them the means to get very drunk in a foreign country that the consequences are inevitable!  It's been like this for years!!

    By the way, the microchip idea has been trialed!!
  13. I dare say it may have been trialled but I say we get everyone below the Rank of Sgt painting vehicles all day and all night then they wont go down town.
  14. Officers have been wearing identical, numbered shirts for years - they just get theirs from Hacketts.

    Why not make them wear painted and numbered steel helmets like they used to do for prisoners? This would not only identity them, but reduce injuries as they head butt each other at the end of the night. Civvies will certainly give them a wide berth!
  15. why should Sgts be exempt from painting  ???