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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Goku, May 17, 2007.

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  1. As the COs now have the ability to hide the posts of site trolls, it’s obvious that the more persistent troll is only going to return to annoy us under a fresh account.

    I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread where ARRSErs could highlight new users suspected of being a persistent troll worthy of being hidden away once more.

    Admin could then investigate said accounts and hide them as they see fit.

    The first account I’d recommend for being hidden is westland, it’s obviously one of the Chubb mongs with a new account :roll:

    Kill it please boss :twisted:
  2. Good idea gok's.
    It saves filling up mods pm boxes.
    I concur with the Westland account also.

    (What does Anit mean?) :D
  3. Third'ed
  4. Or, possibly a troll_drop_box account that could be PM'd with suspect account names, accessible by all MOD's?
  5. It means I’m a spelling mong but that’s easily corrected :D
  6. Surely Goku this will only highlight to said troll that they need a new ID?
  7. Mk 2 of the Mod will hopefully have a "nominate troll" button alongside the "pm user" and "profile" buttons to allow fast alerting. Not so easy to do as the COs would like a comment to justify each vote, and the obvious suspects will (obviously) get a LOT of votes / comments :D
  8. ideally the troll wouldn't even know about the 'anti-troll' feature of the site. unfortunately the cat is out of the bag with that as far as the chubbs go. As TL says, we need to keep he troll ids quite so they keep posting under that id for as long as possible.


    P.S. excellent work on fixing the 'dead pages' thing SM.
  9. Also do the trolls see their own posts? If they've been removed from everyone else's view do they still think they are posting?
  10. just love trolls and characters......we should have more...was in a XRAY dept yesterday at a hospital approx 30 miles from London......."troll in uniform"...went for an XRAY of his right little toe!!!!!.... turned up with military med documentation as well......"troll" was told to not waste time...and report to unit med centre....."troll" was waiting in waiting room with old trolls seriously sick ....

    I am sure I will be banned with this thread...but what is a "TROLL"
  11. A cunning plan my liege. Go for it.
  12. TL, trolls see their own (and other trolls') posts as normal. They also get a normal "sent" message when they PM people, but the PMs are auto-deleted. Anyone else trying to PM them gets a polite reminder not to feed them.

    Not guaranteeing it's foolproof but, for people with 'allo 'allo typing ability, it should be pretty secure. Should work best once the novelty wears off and it just becomes another "background" feature that no-one really thinks about ;)
  13. Perhaps I should be a old troll.....but did see a young "troll" yesterday in uniform! units mentioned.....
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    Spunky, it is about time you had an Avatar.

    Can I suggest this one?? :lol:

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