Anti Terrorism Legislation, Pa Broone & Flunkitt Blunket!!!

Will Pa 'Gollum' Mc Bean Broone 'Large Up Nanny State in the 'Queens Speech' at the opening of Parliament shortly? Will we have more legislation to (a) Control Everything... and (b) To protect ourselves from ourselves.

Yes... international terrorism is a fact of life.... But... Governments like to frighten the Peeps a little at a time.. so that they can...... pass more laws like a Clown with diarrhea....

The hoary old excuse of International Terrorism will be the resaon to legislate more anti-civil liberties laws. Of course our Home Secretary. Missy Jacqui and Pals will deny all this as they usually do... after all, can a seller of 'Porky Pies' know what the truth is?

It has been rumoured, (allegedly) in the 'Heil on Sunday' of course... that Dave the Blunkett might be pressganged into Pa Broones Cabinet.... If true... desparate times are afoot -- for Pa Broone and pals that is (allegedly)...

That old typing exercise comes to mind... "In the Land of the Blind the One Eyed Man is King!"

Sounds more like Sesame Street.... Scooter is already aboard the Broon Train to nowhere. Soon to come will be Zippy and Bungle..... But then both are probably on board as well.

All we need now is Big Bird to come back to ...... (I wonder what his secret identity is...???) :) :) 8O
Random_Task said:
What does that mean in English? Are you mates with Scrofula and Oldgoat?
I think the lock-in in the local boozer finished early :twisted:

Edited once for sounding and spelling like an East European :D

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