Anti Terrorism adverts

One of my colleagues at work the other day was asking about some of my military history, so off i started to ramble, swing the laten , pull up a sandbag kind of stuff and eventually reached the part about NI before the so called cease fire happend in August 1994.

I was telling him about the Anti terrorism adverts they use to play on UTV.
one of those i remember had the backing track by ugly kid Joe - cats in the cradle.

Needless to say my colleague looked at me dumb founded and in disbelief.
And walked away near enough calling me a lier.

Does anyone i know Of any more of these adverts or where i can down load them from,(I have hunted on google and couldnt find anything,) so i can rub this civvy geeks nose in it, and force him to eat humble pie?
I remeber that advert, where the young kids dad gets a lung full of lead on the stairs of the flats.

I don't think you'll be able to download it though, e-mail UTV and ask them if you're that desperate !
I remember those ads, do you remember the advert that was pieces of jigsaw puzzle, something to do with the " a bit of information pieced together" ????

They have quite nasty drink drive and seat belt adverts now to take their place.
Ah yes the mini epics....

And the other one with the two women unknowingly linked by the fact that ones man had assasinated the others man.

A yet earlier version featured the guy who plays Billy Mitchell in Eastenders as a wavering confidential telephone user. He was uder threat for a while after that according to the papers.

Wouldnt it be great if it were like this all the time? :D

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