Anti-terror police will shoot to kill

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Proximo, Jul 14, 2005.

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  1. More fervid ramblings from the Street of Shame, this time in The Indie, which is normally quite measured in these things. That said, it's an informative generic piece about what the boys in blue are p to:

    I wonder how long it will be for the reactionary liberal lobby to start pressing for inquiries into the police's 'barbaric shoot-to-kill policy' in a few years time...
  2. That's a given. They don't seem to be able to complete the circle: ---> terrorists want to curtail the freedoms that the liberals espouse---> the Government enacts laws to protect society's general freedoms by taking away some 'rights'---> the ‘liberal lobby’ campaigns for the freedoms to be returned, ignoring that---> terrorists want to curtail the freedoms that the liberals espouse…

    The Social Contract exists for a reason – like it or not it’s how our Mother of all Parliaments came about. I know that organisations such as Liberty have their place as conscience raisers but I really wish that sometimes these cash cow seeking lawyers would pull their heads in.
  3. I'm glad I gave up my firearms ticket when I did. The first person to make a wrong call on this one will be hung out to dry.

    Traditionally the officer taking the shot is the only person who makes the decision. What if he is now told to shoot via radio by a senior officer? Who is liable? Given the risk-aversion inherent in many senior police officers it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

  4. I always understood that every shot ws a 'Kill' shot and that shoot to wound was unheard of.
  5. Given the accuracy of marksmanship I have witnessed on a range I doubt it will happen that often.
  6. The guidelines for dealing with suicide bombers are a bit of a chuckle. Apparently, some devices rely on the user releasing a switch rather than pressing one so shooting them will cause the device to detonate. The guidance also lists when they may initiate their device; on reaching their target,if they cannot get to their target and so choose another location and if they suspect the have been compromised. So if you shoot them or not, and if they get stopped or not they are going to explode. The guidance is aim for the base of their brain at the back which will prevent them moving at all once hit. So a highly accurate shot from the back is all that will help. The advice does also point out that often the bomber themselves don't have the ability to initiate the device, but this is a remote control unit held by another party who is watching. So even if shot they may still go up.

    Choices, choices...
  7. Problem: Shooting our martyr with a job-issue rifle (a nice big Parker Hale 7.62 effort) at the base of the swede will, indeed, do the trick but with the attendant risk of the round travelling through him and hitting umpteen completely innocent civvies if he's in a crowd.

    So some poor old SO19 sod has got to walk up to him, ram the muzzle of his Glock into the nape of his neck and fire upwards. Very fast. It's going to look really, really lovely in court and on the front page of The Guardian isn't it?

  8. Oh good, we sneak up and shoot someone in the back of the neck, then find out its the wrong man.
  9. Could use frangible Ammo I suppose, this in theory would eliminate the risk.
  10. I saw a documentry on our local armed response unit, and they were all aiming at the stomache.

    Another thing, isn't there a risk that if you shoot someone in the head it can cause clenching fist on detonator spasm? - so does this mean the coppers are going for 'gob shots'?

    <Edited because I can't type>
  11. I'm not an ammo spotter, but can you use Glasers (etc) with large calibre rifles? I doubt that CIVPOL will be allowed access to such ammo for a variety of reasons.

  12. Hitting the right bit of the brain prevents any spasms on death, apparently.

    I am a fan of 200m long cattle prods. Give them a zap whilst out of the danger area. Not too easy to wield in a narrow road, mind.
  13. Bedin

    The right bit is the Medulla Oblongata; its the brains nerve junction box and its just above the nape of the neck. A round here stops the entire body working instantly as all the nerves pass through it.

  14. What's the chances that a suicde bomber will choose a protected target?
    Very rare, look at Israel, Russia the vast majority have been soft targets.
    I also don't think suicide bombers usually mill around the area that long so a suicide bomber response unit can take them out.
    But I guess you have to act like you are doing something productive for the public sake.