Anti-terror chief reports on NHS

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rockape34, Jul 9, 2007.

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  2. Maybe our Immigration and Employment proceedures as a whole could be looked at, some sort of "Terrorism Clearance" checks, which any Government organization should use.

    Probably being a bit too harsh here, but i think our "Net" has the strings set too far apart to catch anything.

  3. More likely you're not being harsh enough, mate. :evil:
  4. I don't think its the NHS overseas nurses, the problem comes from the lack of security measures within the GMC.

    For an overseas nurse to work within the NHS, they need to have references from their countries NMC register (nursing register). They are then put on a trial of 6 months, during this time if there is any problem they have to leave.

    However with Dr's its a totally different story, they are independently monitored, unlike with other health care professionals who are governed under the government.

    Dr's have their own register, and it is monitored by Dr's themselves, they are not governed by the government.

    It's not the NHS that needs to be looked at, its the GMC however im sure if that happened then Dr will complain again... it happened about 100 years ago, and it will happen again. Dr don't like people poking their noses in they think they are better then that.
  5. Do we think Doctors can be trusted with this kind of security?

    Two words: Harold Shipman.
  6. What "Net" ? :D
  7. It's not just Harold Shipman there are many more Dr's who have been brought up against the GMC however we have not heard about it because for DR's they have this "protect our own" it's only when three or more people bring it to the attention of the paper's. Dr's tend to be able to cover up one or two complains saying the patient/patient's are mentally disturbed. (It happens more then people realise)