Anti tank rocket

Discussion in 'RAC' started by happybonzo, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. I was sent this video of an alledged Syrian tank cooking off by an American friend. I don't if it is a Syrian tank or a shot taken on a range. The information that I got with the email is as follows although there seems to be quite a few videos of the same shot on Youtube.
    Is it a genuine piece of video or is some one taking a bit of journalistic licence? The voice on the video sounds more British to me than anything

  2. My opinion is it is bullshit. Looks more like temperate latitude vegetation than anything anywhere near Israel to me.
  3. 30 seconds on google seems to say that it's a remote-controlled Centurian being taken out by a Bofors Bill missile on a firing range in Sweden, circa 1987.
  4. If a Syrian tank was destroyed by Israeli forces while heading towards Israeli settlements I think it would have warranted more than a youtube video.
    It would be an international incident with both sides tooling up pretty sharpish.

    Besides, the article is written by a seven year old with a fixation with commando comics. It's clearly on some sort of range and how many border guards have a film crew with them 24/7?
  5. True; never heard of it.

    YouTube - RBS 56 BILL ATGM