Anti-Tank Missile Video

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by doomsayer, Sep 17, 2005.

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  1. Just found this Anti-Tank Missile Video and wondered if anyone knows what it is? I can see that it is a shoulder-launched and top-attack mode thingy, but nothing beyond that. Any ATGW spotters out there?
  2. Not too sure about this? what type of missile is it supposed to be
  3. Rally it's he type that makes you wish that you had not chosen the RAC as the one that took you into battle sitting down.
    Makes armour a little silly, might as well have some rolled up copies of the Sun.....just as good!

    Glad I joined the RAMC............maybe
  4. I guess it's a javelin (IRC: LF ATGW), and It did a good job of trashing that antique T-72 without any EDZ on it or chobham armour...
  5. Difficult viewing angle and silhouetted, but could it be a Dragon?
  6. Yep, you're right.
  7. Looks pretty much like the new Javelin the way if dives in from the top.

  8. I concur Javelin and already issued to some field force units.
  9. Would it do the same thing to a Challinger 2? Lets face it, you don't stand a chance if that hit you-doesn't matter what you're in! Ahh, big grey ship-whats that track-Exocet? Oh fcuk.................
  10. I think the issue is that the system is launched and attains a steep trajectory angle in mid flight, then reaches a culminating point and decends. Engaging the top of the tank the turret; the weakest point of any armoured platform(apart from the underside which could be a bit tricky to hit).
  11. It is a javelin, it can attack overhead or the more conventional direct line of flight. At a $100,000 a pop for the round is a bt pricey, but its not wire guided so you can shoot and scoot . It does as advertised on the box as well, US forces used them with great success on Iraqi Armor (or we hope it was Iraqi 8O )
  12. I don't care what it is, I want one for Christmas please.

    Intended use: No10 Downing Street, London W1. Grid =

    Survive that you sh1t

  13. Worst thing about that is the way the turret pops back down to earth after 20 seconds hurtling skywards. Ouch. Guess you'd know nothing about it though...
  14. Impressive scary stuff... even if it was clear line of sight against a static target.

    Doubtless still a day-ruiner for any hard target, Chally 2 included.

    More blue-on-blues to worry about. :-(