Anti-Spam software

Can anyone do me a good reccomendation for some anti-spam software.

To work with WinXP + Outlook express and on a minimal budget

Many thanks
You could tray mailwasher but you have to run it first. It is pretty good. or (last free version)

Or if you fancy a hands on approach!

Have you tried applying message rules in Outlook.

Go to "tools" message rules then mail.

click on "where the subject line contains specific words"

In rule description click onthe blue writing then enter words that normally appear with spam such as sex words and the various tricks they use (spaces and numbers)

Then on the action rule select "delete from server"

Should further emails get through make a note of subject line and make a new rule.

You can create wildcard sentences too such as "competition winner"
"credit card offer"
Cheers Disco, Mailwasher was just the thing I was thinking of.

I'm quite used to message rules, although find that unless you update frequently they can become less effective. It's not for me anyhow, I need to set this up and be able to have it left alone to do the job as the computer owners won't want to be fiddling with it.
Just one request...

Given that most spam comes from forged addresses, if you detect a message is spam, just delete it.

Please do not simply bounce it, nor send the (apparent) originator a snottagram.

And never, ever, ever click on the link which goes along the lines of - if you wish to be removed from the mailing list, click here.


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