Anti-Spam Features

I've added a few more ant-spam features to the ARRSEpedia which should protect us against bots, etc.

These will
  • Block the use of certain div tags that they use to hide their links
  • Block certain user agents
  • Added a vast array of sites/words which are forbidden from URLs
  • Added simple captcha protection for creating users and certain types of edits (URLs) - please note that sysops miss out on this!

I'll need feedback on how this is working so will be grateful on any thoughts please.
BC, being a technophobe I don't understand a word - but your Uncle Stalky still thinks that you are a Great Man.

I gloat! Hear me!
we'll get rid of the american type spams later.

All for anything that gives us a break from the last spamming cnut. He was persistent!

ps many thanks to everyone who DIDN'T blackball my sysopsness.

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