Anti Social Behaviour

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Bisley, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. Our detachment has regular unwanted visitors (lads and ladets) whose sole aim is to disrupt parade nights. They are also inclined to throw things including eggs, oranges and stones. Apart from making an interesting desert, does anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent this behaviour and do you experience similar. Local police not a geat deal of help as to few on the ground.
  2. hi mate, yeah i get it all the time from the little scrotes!!
    another DC i know has it even worse, with the threat of petrol being poured through the door one night and the car windscreen being smashed with a half brick.

    although it'll probably get me into trouble, i've taken to lobbing bigger things back at them :)
  3. I see the brave and fearless souls of the anti-war, anti-Iraq/Afghan brown bread and sandals brigade are now venting their spleen against a youth organisation with a military bent!

    I think a reporter from the local or national press invited along to a parade night might assist in drumming up local condemnation for those who choose children as a soft target. The knock-on effect will be to involve local police by default since any perceived failure to act will lead to an equality of public condemnation.

    The best way to obtain a reaction is to provoke one and the best way to provoke one is to involve the press since if such behaviour would cause an outcry at a school, why should it receive any less attention at a Cadet hut where children meet and engage in organised youth activity!
  4. I have no personal experience of dealing with such a problem, but here are two suggestions.

    1. Try to get them involved in what you do. Don't go for the whole group as they will just play up. If you can get one or two of them on their own they may be more receptive as they aren’t tempted to play up in front of their mates. It sounds like they are board. The devil makes work for idle hands.

    2. Find out from the local police who is meant to deal with this low level crime. Then get all your parents to write to them demanding that their children are protected. You could contact your local Community Safety Partnership they might be able to help.Chester Community Safety Partnership

    Not an easy problem, but good luck.

  5. it's funny how the police turn up when one of the little darlings in uniform gives someone cause for complaint,

    but getting them round when you're having issues with random scrotes is virtually impossible, they're too busy solving murders and catching speeding motorists to come round and sort out a bunch of idiots lobbing bricks at other kids!

    rant over
  6. Thank you one and all. I am going to try the parent and press thing. Will let you know how it goes. Many thanks.
  7. I've actually tried this approach in the past and, sadly, it hasn't worked for me. Scrotes usually remain scrotes (probably in the genes - chavs should be sterilised at birth) and simply disrupt from the inside rather than outside.

    The only really effective (but not strictly lawful or politically correct) solution (in my opinion) is to hit them harder than they hit you.

    I recall one memorable occasion when the local bully boys entered the unit looking for a particular cadet armed with pool cues, etc. They exited a deal more quickly having met cadets and staff armed with rather larger chunks of wood. The truly amusing part was when they tried to complian to the Police. "Can't see any bruises, are you sure that's the right story?"
  8. Does anyone know the legal position as far as aprehending chav's etc entering the ACF compound. I beleive there is a certain amount of mis-information on this topic i.e. they are on MOD property etc so, subject to military law.......... Highly unlikely since we are not soldiers.
  9. My mate gave me a good solution. He brought some young boxing chaps from his local club, who err turned up at the samr time as the yobs. They battered the sh*t out of them! Funny thing the yobs never came back
  10. I had the sameproblem at my detachment. It was always kids who went to the same school as, and knew, the cadets, and wanted to spoil it for them. Beating the sh1te out of them causes us adverse publicity so I found out their names and mentioned it to the school site manager, as we use the school building for our detachment, and people aren't allowed there unless by prior agreement with the school. He mentioned it to the relevant staff and the unwanted visits ceased. Hope this helps.
  11. Surely these people need to learn some respect, they obviously have no morals and would probably benefit from taking part. They definately need a good seeing too.
  12. you are entitled to in law use reasonable physical restraint to prevent an arrestable offence taking place.........................if that offence is a potential assault either on yourself or another then the world is your oyster! however do be reasonable or appropriate, a word the law is now turning to as it is slightly less ambiguous..........this means get your story straight if you have given one of the chav cnuts a good shoeing!!

    and sammymantha what do you mean give them a good seeing to??

    do you find this sort of behaviour a bit of a moistener?
  13. Personally I wouldn't risk it, not in todays Compo culture. If you're going to do it then go and make a cup fo tes while the sprogs do it without your knowledge :twisted: