Anti Social Behaviour, modern day blight on our society

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PaulW531, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. In Oct 07 my TA career of 20 yrs or so was effectively ended when I had to choose between serving my country and fighting with every legal means at my disposal, to protect my wife, home and property from the unwanted attentions of a group of young thugs who had been allowed to run riot for 10yrs or more, often with the conivance of their parents.

    We were failed systematically by every single agency we turned to for support, the local council, the police, victim support, the CPS, the court service to name but a few, until we drove them to do their jobs properly.
    We achieved some success eventually through the criminal and civil courts at great personal,financial and emotional cost to ourselves.

    So what? Please see the Sunday Times article and sign up to the epetition.
  2. The petition calls for the Prime Minister to establish a full & open review of the Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) Policies of all Local Government Authorities & partner agencies within England, with a view to establishing a national benchmarked ASB policy that offers a fully joined up approach by all agencies involved and, adequately addresses the full support needs of victims and/or witnesses of/to ASB.

    Came about NOT just because of what happened to us but because of the failure to support victims across the board.
    And, for military families the situation, when in private owned/rented accomadation, can be made worse by local councils suggestion that service personel and families should seek help from the military support services. :?

    Don't think this couldnt happen to you, it can and is happening today. :x
    Please take five minutes to read, and sign the petition before 13/11/09

    Thank you
  3. Signed. But in all honesty, I doubt this will make any real differance, I'm afraid.
  4. Thanks Mistersoft, your support is gratefully acknowleged.

    Geez, what am I, chopped liver? :roll: :wink:
  6. Signed and passed to everyone in my e-mail address book.
  7. Thanks Werewolf, your support is also gratefully acknowleged. Change, like the insidious growth of antisocial behaviour will be slow. Of that I am in no doubt, especially when you realise like I do that it is a growth industry and big fat gravy train for all those involved including the perpetrators, except for the victims who must bear the terrible costs themselves without the help and support they are surely entitled to as a fundamental right.


    Paulw and wife
  8. Outstanding

    Paulw and wife
  9. Outstanding Bill121

    Paulw and wife
  10. No worries, mate. I know where you're coming from; I've had to deal with Chav(or Neds as we call them up here)scum as well. And in many instances the people who are supposed to protect us - police, council etc - were about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

    Not to say they were ALL useless, I met some very good coppers and council workers who hated the scum and did everything within their power to deal with them. But the whole system needs radical change.

    Good luck to you and your good lady, mate. :)
  11. I have (in several parts of this septic isle) had to deal with the dregs of society causing problems to everyone and am constantly frustrated that they have "rights" (as taught in schools) and we victims do not. Its about time something was done and it needs to be aggressively pushed to deter these scum from continuing their career as thugs (the book Starship Troopers had an excellent measure to deal with this problem).
  12. Signed

    I've been in a similar position.
  13. I've posted a link to the article and the petition on the Army Aviation website. It will (hopefully) bring in a few more signatures.

    And echoing what Werewolf said, good luck to you both.
  14. PaulW,so sorry to hear your story.
    The sorry fact is that you are not alone,and very little is done to protect the decent honest citizens of this country.I hope that you and you family stay well and safe.
    I have of course signed your petition.Your story has been passed to my contacts as well.