Anti-social behaviour - cowardly to sometimes challenge?

And the answer has to be no, but your pride messes with you if you do pick and choose.

Two hours ago I was doing a bit of work, and one of a group of pi*s artist football fans saw me through the window; it was as hot as hell's kitchen so I was just wearing shorts and trainers. Cue banging on the window, "You're a f*cking peado" etc, on for some minutes. Tried to laugh it off, talk to them, just makes it worse. The game is on so the cops are stretched thin, they could be in the building in seconds, what do you do? Another bloke came in (TA RE, actually) and was Mr Frosty - walked up to the glass, confident, talked to the main idiot very formally, they went away (after a bit more "Peado" etc.

Now at one level I know there is not a lot you can do in those circumstances, or rather there is but it carries a good chance of going pear shaped. I also know that if the situation had been reversed - if my workmate had been targetted - I could have done the bouncer/cop thing. But that doesn't change the fact that I feel like sh*t for not being more "capable" - and then I think, "How exactly?". You've got drunks screaming peado, what are you going to do?

What makes it worse is that if I think it is possible to challenge ars*holes I will. Reason tells me that that is prudence and common sense, but the culture tells you something else.

Basically, people with nothing in effect say

"I've got nothing
Challenge me and there's a good chance you'll have nothing
You're a peado
Don't challenge me and you're a fanny".

Catch 22 written by a Glaswegian :(


Personally I'd have called the police. Grown men flashing their tackle at their front windows need locking up. And as for your 'hot as hell' routine....just try that one in Court pal. See how far it gets you.
I'll tell you, the whole thing makes you a lot more reluctant to look at the "Barely legal" section of

Or "Barley legal" in one publication. That got me thinking for a couple of minutes.
theiftaker said:
Why would you get called Peado for wearing shorts? What work and where were you doing it?
I was on a computer - "You're looking at porn", pause, it's kiddie porn, you're a paedo.

Joking aside, once a crowd starts forming and someone starts shouting paedo, it can all go very wrong, very quickly.


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theiftaker said:
Why would you get called Peado for wearing shorts? What work and where were you doing it?
Strange the same thing happend to me a while back
But I was stuffing a small blond child in the cupboard under the stairs
Cheeky bastards burnt me hoose down
I don't think it's cowardly at all... if you were to shout all the abuse under the sun back through the window at them, then backstep face to face...then yeah... thats pretty cowardley. However if you just ignore them from the start or try and resolve the situation without fighting..then no... thats not cowardley.

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