Anti-sharia march banned in Brussels

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by angular, Aug 30, 2007.

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    "From the start SIOE has endeavoured to establish a peaceful, lawful demonstration.

    However, Mayor Thielemans predicts his voters will be violent and, therefore, he orders that unlawfulness wins over lawfulness.

    Mayor Thielemans has subordinated democracy and justice to his own unproven prejuduces.

    SIOE will exhaust all legal avenues to have the demonstration, legal under all European Union legislation, reinstated as agreed with the Brussels police.

    While those avenues are travelled along, the plans go ahead as before.

    This matter has now become of WORLD importance, not just for Europe.


    SIOE makes it clear here, once and for all, that SIOE takes sole charge for 11th September activities carried out to STOP ISLAMISATION OF EUROPE!"
  2. Wasn't it UKIP that had a demo in Brussels a couple of months back?

    All licences and permissions granted - but pushed away by the filth while they also stopped the press from filming the demo or its removal.

    The head copper even admitted that he was breaking the law, but orders is orders. Where have I heard that before ?
  3. I wouldn't worry too much about Belgium. On Euronews this morning apparently less than a third of Belgians think their country will still exist in 10 years time.

    And they refused to flog us ammo for Gulf War 1 - a pox on them and their chocolate.

    From The Scum during Gulf War 1 - "Whats the difference between Belgians and Toast? - You can make soldiers out of toast"
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'd be rolling on the floor laughing me arrse off if you observations were even remotely funny. They're not, they're tragic.
  5. Which bit is tragic-

    That I listen to Euronews? I also listen to Al Jazeera International, France 24 and Russia Today

    That Belgium may break up? It may break up because they have a Walloon and Vlaamse head to head that is getting worse.

    That I read the Scum 16 years ago and they actually said something funny at the time - and it was funny because we were all furous about it and it seriously fcuked up our planning scedule and warfighting capability due to a lack of 8" Gun Ammo.

    Perhaps you would care to elaborate further - or did you just go all PC on me :?:

    Edted twice for mong spelling and further elaboration.
  6. So your saying there was no point in 1million men dying in the Great War and that battles such as Mons and Ypres were a waste of time?
  7. It's probably fair to say they're a bunch of ungrateful barstewards, with notable exceptions.
  8. Have a look at my edit - we crossed paths. Their was every point in those men dying - it was a war Germany started - Belgium was the incendiary that lit the petrol and oily rags. Check out the Schlieffen Plan. You will see why Mons and Ypres were vital battles.

    However where did I say that?