Anti-Semites from FIFA are at work...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Apr 7, 2006.

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  2. I think any warring country should be banned from international sports including us and that means some of these morons out there might just think about politics a bit more if it invovles their favourite sport!
  3. Not sure there is anything anti-semitic in question, but it does amuse me that FIFA gets stuck into some heavyweight diplomacy when a football field gets bombed!

    You do ake yourself seriously don't you though Messrs Champagne and Blatter!
  4. Nice one FIFA. Apparently there are reports that during the attack a nearby house was hit by flying debris causing serious collateral damage to a chess board and a Jenga stack. The FIDE are going nuts apparently.... Reports concerning reprisal action by Pokonobe Associates are as yet unconfirmed

    edited to correct a pentwynism
  5. How are FIFA involved in that? Or is this a new turn for them to play in world politics, perhaps they will invade Israel with their crack troops.
  6. That would have worked with SADDAM

    Can see it now "Ok Saddam stop killing your own people and tell us where the WMD are or its No football for you" Get real guys
  7. So FIFA protest against collective punishment by threatening to inflict an, errr, collective punishment! Great stuff!
  8. Anti-semitic? :roll:
  9. On a related subject. The most effective sanction against Iran at the moment might be banning it from the World Cup.
  10. is this the same organization that cleared glasgow 'Feck the pope' rangers fans of sectarianism activities? or was that the euro flavour of governing body?

    I heard they ended their judgement clearing rangers with the postscript 'No Surrender!'
  11. I can only imagine Sergey is being tongue in cheek calling this anti-Semitic. Is it a subtle side-swipe at the US/Israeli administration (I use the singular quite purposely) who, for example scream 'anti-Semitism' if the glossy paint finish on an armoured bulldozer is dulled by Palestinian blood?