Anti-Radiation Drug - Any Takers?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dingerr, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. Clicky

    I remember being told that NAPS worked as well!
  2. NAPS didnt ever do radiation....

    Nerve Agent Pre-treatment Set.....!!!

    Its great what they tell you isnt it.
  3. I seem to remember from somewhere that the Russians used to issue red wine as some sort of anti radiation remidy?
  4. Wasnt that vodka for the submarine crews?
  5. A far more enjoyable treatment and quite likely just as ineffective as this drug is likely to be...
  6. If it works how they say it does, obvious emphasis on the word 'if', then it really is a breakthrough, certainly for cancer patients. Less convinced how it would work after nuclear attack however. Does it just prolong the inevitable at greater cost to the country concerned? Some difficult decisions ahead...
  7. I've got to run for the TAC now, but a cursory read suggests that it probably really does work. Certainly sounds very practical and based on known science.
  8. There are a few council estates where the kids will buy any kind of pill wrapped in a bit of tin foil. Why not let them try it out? :lol:
  9. I never said it did.

    And i never said it worked either, unlike some would have us believe.
  10. Clearly a KGB plot to get the US military's finest to inject themselves with slow-burn impotence agents.

    Don't say we didn't warn you.
  11. Sergei? Sergei!! Here boy! Here's a nice juicy thread for you :roll:
  12. maybe they're on the look out for a few more UFO test pilots?
  13. So to recap then - we have 3 Russians scientists working in Roswell with cooperation from unnamed sources in a Biotech lab telling us that they have a way of surviving a Nuclear war?

    The reporter wouldn't be a certain Mr M Crichton by any chance? :)
  14. As long as the bone marrow and gut cells are ok things will be fine? :wink:

    No mention of what happens to the rest of your body?

    $8.9m! Now that's what I call a defence budget. :wink:
  15. IIRC, bone marrow and gut epithelium proliferate at a very high rate, and are more vulnerable to radiation damage as a result. So yeah, actually, if the gut and marrow are ok, then there's a very good chance the rest will be.

    Honestly, it could be three Martians doing the research in the Bermuda triangle, and it'd still be valid and encouraging.