Anti Midgie Grenades

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Boxy, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. Now there's an emotive subject,
    is there, if not is it feasible to make anti midge grenades ala swingfog flashbangs.
    living in the field is highly over-rated, as I have just reminded myself, but life would be easier, esp on the west coast if we had a couple of anti midge grenades to secure the area.

    Just wishful thinking or a distinct possibility?
  2. Anti mossie grenades for Otterburn.

    WTF NO

    swingfog flashbangs
  4. Avon hands so soft moisturiser, best midge detterant available
  5. Yep, I use that, but it doesn't stop them bugging (groan) you.

    Don't pest control people use a type of smoke bomb for coackroaches?

    It shouldn't be too difficult to manufacture similar for midges I would have thought.
  6. Short of Agent Orange the bast*rds on the West Coast will just keep on coming.
  7. RE the cockcroach smoke bomb its designed for enclosed spaces and pretty toxic so not much use in the field basically you are looking at some sort of
    chemical agent which other than citernella candles (not very tactical :cry: ).
    Your looking at something that needs you to be dressed in 3R might as well
    just suit up . :D
  8. god yes i just got back from WRTA chickerell and look like a red indian form all the bites, bloody hell, never had it so bad
  9. This may be the obvious answer but something with vast amounts of DEET in it worked for me cant remember the product name but i spread that around and they didnt come anywhere near.

    Another thing that might be worth trying is the issue repellant i seem to remeber it was rubbish for most things but maybe a few tubes of the stuff spread all around you might help
  10. NBC black does defeat the buggers but you get to see the little barstards try and headbutt there way through the eyepieces
    surely something out there must eat the things?
  11. I do when I'm cycling!

    T C
  12. It might sound a bit gay, but 'Lush', the handmade soap shop do a soap that contains a citronella extract and I've found its highly effective at keeping the bugers away. Canbt remember what its called, but it also has sand in it!!

    Failing that, an electronic insect repeller works wonders too....Swore by them at BATUS....
  13. There is actually a 'midge eater' on the market. A bit big for exercise purposes though.

    It burns propane gas to produce Carbon Dioxide which the little blighters are attracted to and then traps them in a basket or something.
  14. To answer all your thoughts on the subject.

    I know there is no type of flashbang...abit of an over kill but...

    Yes in a sense there is a Mozzi grenade. The RAF have small canisters that once the top is pressed a smoke is discharged for upto 20 secs killing all bugs that might be about and will keep them away for ages due to the mixture contents. They roll them down the plane to stop them bringing bugs in from other countries. I worked with the RAF in Kuwait and they gave me a bag of these grenade type things and used one in my tent every night before I went to bed. Great stuff.

    The Mozzi coils from boots are excellent at keeping them away. Put one next to your camp cot and this will keep you clear of the little buggers.
  15. There is something that eats them, i cant rember what it is called but it lays its eggs on a plant called bogmyrtle. midges dont like teh smell of said plant.

    crush a few of the leaves and tuck them into your cuffs.

    (does work but you will look like wurzle gummage)