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Anti- Masturbation Devices

The mother-in law!! best anti-masturbation, anti-sex, anti-anything-that-might-be-fun-and-involves-her-daughter device known to human kind!!

turned out to be a fair anti-marriage device as well!!
I believe these stop me knocking one out when I want/feel the desire

Although I can only do 4 in my list due to the number of images yadda yadda . . .





God im gonna be sick, Hang on i,m almost there. Did you see her book comment (havent read ) when visiting the Queen (holiday?) the servants laid out her cosmetics including BIRTH CONTROL items. I thought they were Catholics( BLAIRS ) . This was before the POPE said it wasOK. Shame Blairs parents didnt use birth control>!!!!!!!!!!!


Book Reviewer
I take it that the three moppets in pic 1 keep knocking on the door and shouting ""Grraaaannnddaaaddd!!!" when you're attempting to crack one off.

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