anti-japanese protests

the chinese are not a happy chapy about the Japanese new school text books glossing over wartime atrocities in China, i feel the same too, onlyby admitting what they did and FULLY apologise AND compensate victim can the Japanese v world relations can move on as it has with Germany.
Maybe Blair will apologise on their behalf? He seems to be apologising for almost everything else that he had nothing to do with at the moment... :roll:
Read the article about strained relations between China and Japan while listening to my Sony Walkman which was made China. Made me laugh.

Read a long article on the internet, seems the new books don't even acknowledge the atrocities and in one case even refutes the evidence for the Nanking massacre (10,000 killed!)

I can see why the Chinese and Koreans are mightly miffed
The Japanese are not just slightly off-message culturally compared to us, they are light years off stream in the opposite direction. One look at their TV shows woul tell you that. However one hour spent discussing the WW2 and china pre-war campaign with a Japanese will more than indicate it, it will paint it up like a 105mm marker round (dear old Abbott).

Some years ago I spent a few weeks in China, ROK and Japan on a trade mission. As a result I spent al ot of time "socialising" (i.e. ramming back the twelve year old malt AIIWGOF) with senior, O6 and above, Jap officers. They don't just deny that it happened, that is a party line to throw the bleeding heart westerners off the track and make it lovey-dovey. They actually admit it happened but that it doesn't really matter a toss. They would also see no problem in repeating the page in history, if it was economically indicated. They have the same view of Nanking as they do of the medical experimental stuff or the euphemistically named comfort women.

Frankly if any nation needed international quarantining then it is the Japanese. They tortured my uncle, qactively not just passively, and the Belgian lady who lived three doors up from me as a child was turned into a prostitute (but not for her own profit) by them.

Fcuk them all except six and we'll use them for pallbearers...

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