Anti-Islamic German Politician Chased Out Of Berlin Kebab Shop

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Noir, Jul 23, 2011.

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  1. Back in October 2009 he wrote unabashedly in the magazine Lettre International that Turks and Arabs had “no productive purpose except for the fruit and vegetable trade”. Sarrazin then dared to suggest that due to the availability of welfare entitlements for the poor and career incentives for the rich the great majority of children are now born to parents from lower socio-economic backgrounds. He explained how Germany's haphazard immigration system had failed to attract high potentials and instead became exploited by poorly educated migrants.

    Thilo Sarrazin Chased Out Of Berlin Kebab Shop

  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I still can't work out what sort of animal those kebab meat things come from - it has huge fat legs, a little bone down the middle, and tastes of chili sauce. Weird. Must be some native Annatolian goat or something.
  3. No, it's definitely Angela Merkel...
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  4. Fuckin classic!

    AL1. There's been more than enough dodgy meat in Germany recently.
  5. Theres always someone to be blamed for the problems, and its very easy for the majority to always blame the minority, as they know, that by doing this, the minorities wont have the majority to counter them or defend themselves.

    I am sure the Turks were called the "Invited ones" by the germans, plus didnt the Turks join with the Nazis, please correct me if I am wrong.

    I am sure donner meat is the waste of the animal processed and some how glued on by fat or something else, not very sure, but I stay well away, try chicken donner instead of lamb.
  6. AAGF


    Used to eat them in Tabuk - most probably camel ...
  7. The Turks are smart enough to know that the Germans will eat anything as long as it is cheap, that is around 2 Euros or less. Having seen some of them I'm not sure what it is, or to misquote Startrek "it's meat Jim, but not as we know it".
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  8. I hope this helps

  9. Carefull mate, everyone knows the Boxies have no sense of humour, and that includes Frau Merkin
  10. you know you would though :)
  11. He is not anti-islamic, he just doesnt want Berlin looking like Bradford.
  12. Even the Russians (with RAF assists) didn't make Berlin as horrible a place to live as Bradford.
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  13. True, but the curries are better.

    My great aunt Ivy ended up being the only white person on her street after living all her life there, she was molested,terrorised (burning dog s+++)
    through the letterbox, hate mail, windows smashed, all by her so well integrated law abiding Islamic, Brit hating neighbors, the police were scared to do anything even though they knew who was doing it, I couldn't do anything about it because I was serving overseas, and when I heard about from my mum she'd died.
    So all well and good to Thilo Sarrazin, (whose ancestors are not German), in trying to get Germany to wake up before things end up like they do over in UK where English is the 2nd language at some schools
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  14. Bastards, I've been getting chased out of kebab shops for 25 years now and I never ever got a mention in the German national press.

    Then again I never wrote a book....perhaps I does:

    "Shagging a turkish bird regularly, right under her brother's noses, before her facial hair became a problem!" sound as a title?

    or "How too - Torch mopeds outside scabby Turkish social clubs, hobby guide!" ?

    or "Talk softly before swinging a big stick!"?

    or "How to throw a large handfull of dogshit inside a kebab shop!"
  15. After events in Oslo I keep unconsciously humming Tomorrow Belongs To Me, this is making it difficult to get a properly slaughtered halal falafel.