Anti-Islamic Demo In North London

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by beemer007, Sep 12, 2009.

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  1. Done to death on here yesterday. Think the thread got hooped, due to the usual crayoning.
  2. I think so. While the government pander to a % of muslims* that demand special treatment, despise the UK and hate western values we are heading for conflict. Actually the conflict has started, bombs on the London transport system, the Glasgow airport attack and the demonstations at various locations indicate this.

    *I am not saying ALL muslims are like this BTW. But a % of them that is large enougth to make it SEEM that way exists. The moderate muslims (who are probably the majority) are stuck in a hard place.
  3. hopefully yes; they're also waking up in Europe, wanting their countries back
  4. Very possibly. People are hacked off about a number of things going on at the moment and I think we could see considerable social unrest in this country soon.

    Thanks Labour!
  5. Tut-tut, this is not happening.
    It isn't happening on the BBC national news and it isn't happening on Arrse either!
    It isn't happening becuase if it did happen Westminster might have to do something about it other than take legal action to get rid of those who speak about it. If it was happening then it might raise awkward questions about why the Labour Party funds the organisations that fuel the violence.
    If it was happening somebody might have to actually adress some of the race, immigration and multi-cultural issues that are such a huge problem in the country.

    So, on balance, it has been decided it is best if this simply is not happening. A moderator will be along before lunchtime to ensure it continues to not happen! :D
  6. see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil (or whichever way round it is).
  7. Yup :D you will shortly be delivered a handy bucket of sand in which to place your head. Everything will seem better then!
  8. Hardly surprising considering every time we try to discuss the subject it atracts rants. It is dangerous to pretend there is no problem, on that I agree but it needs to be done rationaly.
  9. Seems to me that the so-called 'fascists' didn't march, meaning the unrest was all down to the muslims 'defending' the mosque. If the police were attacked they should have clamped down on them-HARD.

    Yet despite the English Defence League/Europe against Islam not being there in the end, they are being blamed! A government minister has compared them to Mosleys blackshirts this morning!

    No blame attached to the mob of muslims that ATTACKED police officers with no provocation.

  10. Oh I agree, but without discussion nothing will ever be achieved.
    It is that very refusal to discuss the issues (despite extreme views) on a national scale that has brought us to the point where there is violence in our cities every week.
    I know it is not Arrse's responsiblity or remit to solve these problems for the nation but it is quite symbolic of the way the issues are not dealt with on a national level.

    Debate and discsussion leads to understanding and compromise. It seems we are destined to achieve non of that. Like it or not, refusal to debate the problem doesn't make the problem go away, not on Arrse and not in the real world.

    Never mind, we can pretend it still isn't happening even when we reach the point people start dying on the streets because of it.
  11. I agree with you.
  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Very similer thing happened in Bradford about 10 years ago when young Asian men rioted because of a rumor that there was to be a BNP march
    I assume the BNP just sat back and thought job done because they never appeared and still millions of pounds worh of (improvments) damage was done
  13. Thast because the anti-fascists are sponsored by the Labour Party. Quite bizarrely the same Labour Party that is in government and therefor runs the Police....
    Even more bizarrely, the government thinks that sponsoring violence on our streets will persuade the public away from the BNP. Its easier than having policies to deal with the issues in the 1st place you see?
    The anti-fascist will persist in partaking in violence, the government will persist in blaming the right wingers even if they aren't present, all in the hope of convincing the public that the BNP are the evil ones.

    As far as I am concerned the BNP and Co are muppets, they aren't anywhere near as dangerous as the state sponsored hooligans bringing violence to our streets to try and subvert democracy.
    Its a bizzare old world
  14. Rivers of blood and all that.