Anti-insects, vit B12?

Okay went to South America a little while ago, upshot of it was amongst other things I really fcuking realised how much I hate getting bit by bugs! Even DEET didnt help much but luckily had one of those head-nets so was able to prevent getting a face like a leper at the cost of looking like a burglar with stocking over my head...

Anyhoo, when I was waiting in the airport for the flight home, I got chatting to this Spam girl, as you do, and she said when she worked on one of those Summer camps for brats that they have over there, everyone took some tablet and the bugs didnt bother them at all. Think she said vitamin B12 or B12A or somesuch - I'm no chemist.

2 questions:
1) Does this shit actually work?
2) Any side effects?

Gook I have heard that too. Vit B12 has kept away nasties from me, or you could try a garlic tablets, Brewers yeast tablets or overdosing on Marmite!! :-D
Well I can't say that is all true. Where I was definitely the bugs were terrible in the daytime but when in the evening you were okay. Definitely right on the light coloured clothes though, I found that out the bad way, although obviously if you were there in a military role you wouldnt have that choice.

Repellent, long sleeves, covering up etc all common sense but I found those head nets the most useful. If you use deet too long it can act as a carcinogenic (causes cancer) so after the first week I binned that and got myself a net! I was taking garlic tablets while I was over there as they were recommended to me to see an infection off. Didnt expect them to see off bugs and they didnt, or did you mean eating cloves of garlic as opposed to tablets?

Damn, I thought the B12 may have been the answer! I might try it next time I end up somewhere tropical anyhow just to do my own trial, as this Spam bint swore by it!

Is there any evidence how much you get bitten is down to something else then? Someone told me it can be down to bloodtype. The bugs were swarming round me way more than the others and I'm O Neg so is that significant at all?
Dear Gook,

I spent a good few months in Denmark once, where the problem of mossies is a big one. It's due to all the lakes they have there (standing water and all that), so they do know a thing or two about the subject. I followed the advice of my Danish friends and used "Ballistol" gun oil as a repellant.
It's the dog's danglies, believe me. Just as effective as DEET, but without the health hazards.