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Stupidity at £11.99: Apr 2005 12:52:30:630

This is why I despise the animal rights lobby; it is a fox, it does not have human emotions; it cannot talk; it cannot reason; it can't cook; it doesn't eat root vegetables; it doesn't live in a house or wear clothes, nor can it drive a car.

The man lives in the suburbs, therefore, how does that qualify him to pass judgement on rural policies; I would like to hear his opinion on reform of the CAP, or the new single subsidy, or does his interest in rural affairs begin and end on this one subject?

These people are dragging down the human race with their silly ideas and desire to personificate everything; Mr. Joe Hartwell, you are a tit sir.

Yours in barely restrained anger

Mrs. Beaton
I have sent the following comment:

How a fox might see the chase should read: How a human makes up some spurious rubbish, because a human has NO idea what a fox thinks, and fleeces the gullible treehuggers and soap dodgers into parting with nearly 12 quid.

bet they don't allow that comment on their site.
thats one of the more restrained ones :(
a lot of them think a butchers shop and belsen are one in the same thing :evil:
though the only time thats funny is when one of these idiots express's this stupidity in front of a very large angry jewish communist :lol:
Along a similair line to this book. Ive got an idea for a book, where one day the father goes out of his house and doesnt come back, and the family have to continue without him. Its heart-wrenching.

"Collapse in the rural economy, EU subsidies, FMD, Supermarket artificially deflated prices. and depression / suicide in farming communities"

Dont know if that book would sell, maybe something to do with the fact that they dont look cute on cards. and of course "they've got loadsa money" theyve got a farm and all that bollocks.

The whole fox-hunting debate was designed to polarise the percieved class divide between huntsmen and the man in the street. The masses who've never spent time in the countryside, took their side based on what they saw on TV. and..........

errrr yes a bit drunk running out of steam (finish on a high note) TONY BLAIR IS A vvanker


"Keep Your Bullsh1t in Westminster & We'll Keep Ours In The Countryside"
The Countryside Alliance
Nuff said!
Joe, who works as a passenger service agent at Luton Airport, has been interested in writing for more than 20 years.
Trans Joe, who is a forty-five year-old loser of a baggage boy, has just figured out what all the funny scrawls on the luggage labels mean...
Now you know why your luggage went to China when you were going to Jersey.
Foxes are apparently family animals, pass me a bucket! That's why vixens lose their scent and avoid all dog-foxes like the plague when gestating and lactating.
It's an animal, and not a particularly bright one at that it has no imagination, no concept of mortality and it's responses are hardwired into its brain - fight or run away.
Why don't we hunt the LACS? It makes me so cross. How about we get all of the rural MPs to vote against professional football? It has to be a social evil, not to mention all the moles that get gasssed and trapped at their stadiums (as these places of evil and gross social negativity are known)...

Or why don't "they" leave us alone while we agree to grow their organic beetroots and celeriac for them? As my old father in law used to say "the things you see when you haven't got a gun..."

Oh and to end on a high note, "B*llocks to Bliar" (English, trad. arr. 2005)
This has given me a great idea for a couple of books.

Peter Rabiit and how he did not escape from nice old Foxy


Chicken Run - After all the chickems had been slaugtered by the nice old fox.
It's been tried by Justice for Shooters re. the 1997 firearms act on a human rights basis, and they failed.
I thought Justice for Shooters tried under a different angle; that the government couldn't seize their property, but it turns out they can.

Sadly there were only 57,000 pistol shooters, and they were not as well connected or funded as the hunt lobby is.

I hope the challenge works because I have been pretend hunting a few times now and it doesn't compare, in fact its hugely depressing; my hunt country is Exmoor, and due to the efforts of Captain Ronnie Wallace the entire moor has been shaped and conserved entirely because of the hunts, and to have to carry out hunting 'lite' is frankly a bit sh1t.

Bad law. Its not nice.

Yours in vitriolic hatred

Mrs Beaton
I thought this debate would be in the past by now - just like fox-hunting, badger-baiting and cock-fighting

What a cnut:

he lives with his mother;
he writes books about little girls;
he has plagiarised 'Fantastic Mr Fox';

Lets hunt him...
They are family creatures. The male fox doesn't mate with just any female fox, they are very close and loyal together.

"My story features a family of foxes. I try and show what it would be like if one went out and just failed to return, how devastating it would be."

Yes, it's true. Foxes get married, raise children, and mourn the deaths of their friends and relatives.

In that regard, they have much in common with whitetail deer.

Deer are also monogamous. Their social structure is the extended family. The grandparents are revered and pass on bits of woods wisdom to the fawns.

North American deer speak English and have the attitudes of a typical college educated member of the human urban middle class.

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