Anti-Gay US senator admits hes Gay

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fat_Cav, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. “The lady doth protest too much, me thinks”
    - Willaim Shakespeare

    It seem's that this could possibly be true. So where does that put Nick Griffen/BNP regarding his/their anti-homosexual stance? 8O BNP Link Hehehe!

    BBC Website

  2. In other news....Pope sh1ts in woods.
  3. Thats what he is paid for, our politicians could learn from that.
    So long as its legal who he shags in private is his concern and nobody else's
  4. The bloke he's giving one might just disagree with that 8O
  5. If I were a cynic I might think that the pressures of 'being homosexual and unable to admit it' might just be used as mitigation for the driving offence.
  6. California State Senate, not US Senate so title is a little misleading. IIRC he had to come clean, he was caught by CHP after leaving a gay bar and arrested within sight of it for drunk driving.

    Now a US Congressman named Eric Massa (D-NY29) is supposed to resign after being accused of sexually harrassing a male staffer. Now he claims he is being framed by the White House Chief of Staff & "Others"
  7. This is possibly the most shocking part of the story! A politician that actually does what his constituents want him to do!!

    He'll never get far with that attitude.
  8. We'll all have to try that one, if we ever get caught doing something naughty :D

    Interestingly, and the main point of the thread, is he manages to vote against every gay rights measure that he's able to whilst a Senator. I suppose you could surmise he used the anti-gay vote to ascend to Office only then to continue the trend even though he was in the closet? 8O
    Strange what Politicians do for power.

    Also shows that he's possibly not crap with lobbying and influence, he probably voted against a done-deal to maintain the facade?
  9. To be fair to the bloke, not only is it rather necessary to play the game to first attain power as it is and then retain it, as has been pointed out the point of a politician is they are supposed to front the views of their people - which, as he said, he did. Even if it was a case of maintaining a facade of heterosexuality, he did his job - better than pretty much every other bastard out there. If he accepted his homosexuality and pushed through against the measures, which is rather likely given his admittance of the struggle, even more credit to the guy.