Anti-forces doorstaff insult and attack troops

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by johnnyutah, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. Found this Article
    on a wedding forum. posted today.
    Not too sure what too make of it yet. I don't think it's a grudge since the club isn't named (yet).
    If this can be confirmed then this club deserves naming and shaming at the very least. +1 internets to whoever finds the name...
  2. Mrs Cook is an illiterate mong. Sad story though, I hope it's a wrong report. I've had a few issues getting into clubs when I was serving, but never grief like that.

    Doormen don't usually beat someone up for no reason either, I've worked a few doors in the past (Ivory rooms, in Warminster, and Bonkers/Pleasuredome in Paderborn). Civvy's are all "carded" now, and far more professional.

    MAybe the young lad was a tosser, and got beaten up for another reason?
  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    Is this a confirmed event or someone trying to stir up shlt?
  4. More to the point Johnny, why were you looking at wedding dresses you big girls blouse ;)

    You've not been conned into one of MDNs "special" parties have you??
  5. Couldn't say. Could be bollocks in which case I apologise but if it's real then that establishments rep is hanging in the balance.

    What can I say, I like wedding dresses. :wink:
  6. Christ my eyiz r bleeDin
  7. I only understood part of that. Was it written by a Fijian?
  8. When you have idiots like that posting then i'm more inclined that they didn't exactly help their cause by showing their ID card then chopsing off.

    What kind of clown shows their ID card to get in a club anyway?
  9. well in cambridge if you show your id card, you get in half price and thats a fair few of the clubs there so sometimes it pays.
  10. Seconded. Ex-Military or Civvie, a Doorman who acts like this won't have a job for very long. He'd probably be lifted by Plod, and rightly so. :evil:

    Squaddies, Plods and Bouncers; no profession is without it's fair share of cnuts. I would reserve judgement on this until/if all the facts are known... :wink:
  11. The said 'Bouncers', are they a part of the 10,000 illegals working in the Security Industry?

    Part of the same industry that makes safe the PM's car?

    Where else do those who have been couped up get rid of their pent up anger? Sorry I forgot "Decompression" that returns all those who have served in combat to normality what ever that is in THIS country??
  12. iv just posted on that site to the person who posted it and she can not comment on it and the post is to be deleted so...
  13. The OP has since removed her post so I would take this to be balls or at least an 'economical' version of the truth :wink:
    Mod's feel free to can this poo.
  14. I run a security company - Including Door staff
    The staff pay nearly £400 for a 4-day course and a licence and the certificate (SIA robbing Cnuts -another story)

    I can't see 5 Door staff jumping a soldier for no reason even if he bad mouthed them...
    Those days have gone with Meat heads on the door

    Although there are one or two who are Hot heads out there
    The Licencing and scrutiny from the Local Council is very strict and any trouble of this nature and they are on you like a ton of bricks!

    I still can't understand how the illigals in London got there SIA licence?

    There is no way they attended a 4 day course - handed in driving License - 3 Utility Bills - 4 signed Photos - national Insurance No. - recent Bank Statement - and completed a 8 page form asking for your details since school...
    I believe the immigrants can some how by-pass the 'System'
    One rule for one....
  15. Maybe the SIA did'nt want to crack down on them in case they were accused of being "racist". :roll:

    Nothing would surprise me nowadays...