Anti-football Campaign

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Howler, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. The time has come to put an end to football in its current guise. The media won't do anything so this might be a good forum.

    I was an ardent Chelsea fan and Ken Bates nut, until the Russian revolution somehow took the fun out of supporting the team.

    Footballers are lazy, overpaid egomaniacs who just seem to take the p*ss out of the paying public. But they are the GOOD guys compared with the FA, agents, moneymen, owners etc.

    Who are the heroes in this country the deserving or the undeserving?

    What I propose:

    1. Put profits back into training and facilities not peoples' pockets.
    2. Set up and independent body to oversee transfers to avoid the 'Bung culture'.
    3. Work out a system of evaluating the attitude and usefulness of a player and sack/don't pay/marginalise as appropriate.(It can be done)
    4. Reduce the control of the Glaziers/Abramoviches/Lerners and give more control to the fans.
    5. Two foreign players per team only.

    If they don't do this:

    Don't give them your money!!
    Don't go to matches
    Don't subscibe to football channels
    Don't buy football tops and merchandise

    The situation would change in a year or less. We are the mugs.

    What about "Ferdinands greatest wind-ups" Tw*t!!

    As a friend told me in a pub on Saturday night, "If Man Utd paid Rooney only 5000 pounds a week, do you think he would leave and become a garage mechanic?"

    Consumer power
  2. I have no problem with you being a Chelsea fan, but to claim to like Ken Bates is a step too far. What an odious cnut he is. And as for consumer power, well it is simple really, just don't go to watch Prem League games. There are teams all over the country that could do with your custom. You still get honest endeavour down the leagues.
  3. I just think that the game should be banned as i think its a big pile of poo
  4. Your username tells me that.
  6. Howler, I am with you in principle as a former POSH fan, I have given up following the tem not cos they are shite (which they are) but cos the Board, Barry Fry have been bleeding the club dry for years.

    The team has not only lost me but also my kids, when I'm in country I was regularly making 15 (H) and 10(A) a season.

    The solution is supporter owned football teams BUT and it is a big BUT we live in a market economy and if you want to be the best e.g. Chelsea, Man U etc etc you will need a wealthy backer to provide the cash to support the club....

    Could I suggest that you get on a train and watch Bournemouth, AFC Wimbledon or the other Man U if you belive that the game is corrupt....
  7. I've hated the game for years. If it wasn't for my beloved West Ham and my home roots I wouldn't bother with footie. I'm a proud Englishman and shame on me but I LOVE it when our National footie team fcuk up. All those overpaid jailbirds sulking because they couldn't slot one past some part timers and a useless manager who's being paid £4million a year to fail once every 2 years. Lampard, golden boy? He's a cnut. Gerrard, golden boy? Another self gratifying fcuker. John Terry, why does everyone call him a leader? If he wants to lead he should join up. I hate footballers and their feckin WAGs. Cashley Cole, better of dead.
  8. Pay them a living wage, say £20000 pa, but give them £1000000 if they win
  9. o2thief,I do believe you to be barking,it can't be long before your tag catches up with you.
  10. You really do live up to your new name D&G - you slagg off football yet have an iconic player as your avatar?
  11. ...articulately stated :roll: . Clearly not watched The Arsenal (well, not since Keown left anyway...)
  12. Our Martin was the best man marker in the game,he also liked to kick RVN which was alright in my book.
  13. I know... but his boat could turn milk sour...
  14. Well done England

    I curse your (Hopefully) arthritic knees.
  15. I find it sad to watch 22 egos running around a field trying to act like the fcukwits who are being paid millions by the top clubs. Even worse when you go down town and see all the wasted money on football shirts! Oh BTW did England win last night?