anti flash spray

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BELKY, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. i have bought this stuff from does anyone know if they have got away with the double flash with this sprayed on their plate. :numberone:
  2. Sorry, thought it was a campaign against me.

    Carry on...
  3. Mint! :thumleft: :thumleft: :thumleft:

  4. Flavoured as well.

    Though sadly with additives.
  5. Used to be WD-40 on the back plate of a bike that did the trick.....

    or a passenger with a very fat arrse
  6. Cheek distribution is paramount though.

    Otherwise it's just another set of panniers.
  7. Surely if it was effective it would be banned ?Might save your bacon but wouldnt risk it personally .
  8. Don anti-flash, knock out pipes!
  9. Why not slow down and stop driving like a cnut! i'll put money on you reckon your "A fcuking good driver"
  10. While it may work (and I am extremely sceptical of that), I do not believe the claim that it is invisible to the human eye.

    The only substance I have found effective in blocking the plate is a plastic cover that refracts the light so as to polarise your plate (much like an ATM screen can only be viewed from straight on and details become unreadable at any angle). However it is visible to any passing copper who will notice that your plate becomes unreadable. Said copper or official will then proceed to make your life a misery.

    There are only three proven methods of getting past a GATSO without being caught. I routinely use two of them.

    Method 1: Drive past the camera at the legal speed.
    Method 2: Drive past the camera at a speed exceeding 180mph.
    Method 3: Trawl photos on internet car sales sites until you find someone stupid enough to a) have an identical car to you and b) even more stupidly leave the license plate visible. Have a copy made (loads of sites on the internet for this) and apply to your car. Called cloning, it is illegal and the penalties are severe if you get caught. There are now up to 1,000,000 cloned cars on the UK roads.


    PS I use the first method in the UK and the second here in Hungary as the only cameras are on straight stretches of motorway.
  11. Hello Driving Miss Daisy! :p
  12. Or do as I do get a radar detector, not a GPS version these tell you of the location, but the Detector will warn you of "working" camera's as not call cameras have films, exceedly useful in a scooby!!!!!!!
  13. Wheelie past them if they are rear facing. Not really that practical in a car mind.
  14. Small point, the vast majority of speed cameras don't use film, they are digital and can be activated at any time, so just cos one doesn't work one day doesn't mean it won't the next time you drive past. Also, during the day, if it's bright enough, it won't flash when taking a pic (M25 especially)
  15. Hello Ayrton Senna. Meet your next partner in wall attacks.

    Anybody investing in that stuff is obviously a cnut who drives too fast too often.

    Why not spend your money on

    Work on your observation skills of the road ahead. If you're watching what you're doing you'll see the speed camera and check speed!