Anti drone weapon?

Purportedly an electromagnetic pulse device for use against drones, seen here in the hands of a Syrian army soldier

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It is a dispenser for make up products. It was commissioned by the RM to deliver Whoo Cheongidan Hwa Hyun Radiant Regenerating 3p Special Gift Set to troops in contact with the enemy.
I am reminded of a naval philosopher I once knew. He told me "You can always recognise Soviet ships immediately. They have weapons fitted to every square inch of deck space. They look like the fekkin' Death Star."

The Kashtan Close In Weapon System is an excellent example of this. There is currently a debate in the west about whether to base "last chance" weapons on guns, like Phalanx, or on missiles, like SeaRAM. The Russians make this debate moot by having both. Then they double up.

If the 8 fitted supersonic missiles don't shoot down your drone, well you can reload with another 8 within 1 second and try again. Failing that, 10,000 rounds per minute of ballistic goodness from the guns will normally reduce even the sturdyest drone to matchsticks and there's no need to tie a piece of meat to the drone to attract the attention of an attack budgie.

No prison roof should be without one of these IMHO.

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