Anti Bullying Week

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by the_guru, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. Watching the coverage on BBC News 24, and they have been interviewing kids at a seminar. Every single one of the spotty oiks needs a fcuking hard slap. It is patently obvious why they got filled in. And the bloke organising it.....fcuking hell.
  2. Bullying is part of the evolutionary process, natural selection and all that. Can't argue with nature.
  3. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, although i have developed a strange passion for large knives........
  4. I wonder, this being anti-bullying week does that mean that the other 51 weeks of the year it is a legal requirement that we bully the shit out of pie loving, spotty, computer nerds who stray into our hunting grounds?
    I was bullied at school, nothing physical I could always beat the shit out of anyone who threw a punch. But I never started a fight purely because I didn't want to, so I was mentally bombarded nearly every lesson (I was a pie loving, spotty, computer nerd). It doesn't happen any more purely because eventually I did start a fight and beat the crap out of "ring leader". But it was over a year I suffered. But I am glad it happened. Made me stronger.

    Are we related?
  5. A truer word has not been spoken; FFS half of these tossers wouldn't recognise a good beating if it smacked them in the face!
  6. If you smacked half of these cnuts in the face, you'd get pus on your hands.
  7. Bullying is the ultimate act of the neanderthal coward...

    Now shut up and give me your lunch money.
  8. bully are cowards they work in gangs coz they are too weak or stupid to do it on their own.
  9. Bullies are Sh1tbags for pickin on Sh1tbags. If they were pure hard, They would have the arrse to fight other Hard/Harder blokes.
  10. Only Everton supporter in my primary school (translators note, Liverpool were winning everything in those days, bit like Manure now. Or Chelsea in new money)

    Only 'Brit' in Norn Iron Uni. For 4 years.

    I guess its where I developed my 'contrary-ist' nature.

    'Bullying' is banter and its all worth it. Wipe yer mouth and get on with it.

    I never got pregnant nor died. I'd say I was ahead of it. Never self-harmed, never bought an Emo record, never cried.
  11. I've said it time and time again. The only way to deal with bullies is to enter a short period of Rocky 3 training, with suitable montage music. The last time I got picked on at school, I simply rented a log cabin in Alaska and started to bench press a few tree-trunks. In addition I completed a set of hill reps each day up a snow covered hill whilst pulling a fully laden sled.

    Four months later, when I got back to school, I was more than equipped to deal with my tormentors. Although they continued to fill me in on a regular basis, I simply responded to all their violence with the retort "You ain't so bad"

    It worked for me, it can work for you.
  12. I found that a swift eye watering punch to the nose worked well if anyone was threatening me. Get in there first when they dont expect it.