Anti-blogging laws in Italy

A while back I had a relationship with an Italian woman. She used to talk ominously about the state of Italy and where it was heading, while I would listen attentively but with the idea that maybe, in her youthful manner, she was overreacting. It appears I was wrong.

The Times

And take a look at that comments section:

"...Please send troops, take over the country and save us from ourselves."


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I have a slight connection with Italy & spend some time in the north of the country whenever I can, and you quickly realise that Italians are always bemoaning the state of Italy, politics & such. Luckily, they are also very sensible & traditional people, and not easily stirred to changing their ways by whatever the current political class is trying to push. The almost complete disregard & lack of enforcement even for speed limits, licensing laws or speeding around tiny mountain roads while pissed out of their minds demonstrates that though Rome might make laws, there is little chance they will be followed if the people don't feel like it. Like the article says, I wouldn't take this too seriously.

Also, I don't know where your ex was from, but when listening to an Italian complain about the country going downhill, be wary of where they are from - for example, most of the locals I know have Northern League political leanings, ie a serious prejudice against the South, holding that the latter are all wasters living off the hard-working Northerners. Like the West Lothian Question in the UK, there is some truth in it, but also a lot of hyperbole, and life goes on quite happily even so.
Let us not forget that the stupid 'boss' in Italy (lovely, lovely country) is a former head of the stupid European Soviet Union. Stupid laws, made by stupid people, for stupid people to obey (GB) so that a stupid person, the stupid Bliar, can be made president of it. Stupid I call it.

Brilliant, beautiful Italy is another nation that could do without the yolk and chains of the European Soviet Union around its neck. I prefer not to comment on other peoples' political situations but from my frequent visits it appears that Italy has the cardinal point reverse of GB's 'problem'! Trouble with us is that we are run by the Scots!
Invade Italy under the guise that it's to liberate the people when really all we want is all of their pizza and pastas :lol:
Zedd said:
Invade Italy under the guise that it's to liberate the people when really all we want is all of their pizza and pastas :lol:
....and railway systems, and roads, and bridges, and food, and above all:

Who cares?? I have no interest on what these 'orrible people have to say anyway!
Iti laws are great.

NATO (US aircraft) fly out of the US base in Vincenza at night.

Dogs bark.

Folk complain to the local Politico.

Politico passes a law saying that "Dogs cannot bark at aircraft".

He's seen to have done his job and can go back to shagging Sofia and eating pasta while the cops have to enforce the law.


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