Anti- Blair Sites begin to ramp up for election.

Here's a good one curtestsy of The Register. Shame it's flooded and the flash animations won't download. Great posters though.

I would ask anyone who is interested in getting labour out of office to visit this site

and click on which country you are in, then it will take you to a list of constituencies and tell you if they are marginals, you can then proceed to vote tactically (for the nearest oposition hopefully). This is completely up to you but if you do want them ou then at least look at it.


Agent Smith.

Can you optimize those graphics , make them smaller, or leave them off all together and just post the links.
Sorry, got a bit carried away.

Didnt realise it was SO big.

I have got rid of my other two images.



Edited to say, i have zapped them down to size and this should make them more acceptable.

Ta muchly

The old graphics were sucking bandwidth like an ex-wife with a greedy toyboy.
nice analogy :D

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