Anti Army Facebook group.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spaz, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. I found this. Click me I surprised they have had so little abuse.
  2. Got to join to see?

    A lot of soldiers wont, including me, because of Persec issues.

    Hence little abuse? Just a guess. :D
  3. The guy who set it up seems like a right weirdo.
  4. A lot of the members of this group appear to be squaddies anyway.
  5. There are lots of squaddies on there, plus the guy who set it up is a member of lots of right wing Facebook groups (and not likely to be anti-army. Could it be a Wah by some bored squaddie, or an attempt to draw out mongs who hate the military?
  6. Waste of electrons. Especially as it was the RAF getting the abuse in Peterborough.
  7. Looking at the guy who set it up, he has some serving friends too. He's probably an ex-squaddie. He's also a member of the We support the Armed Forcese were ever they may be group.
  8. I think he's just trying to be a tool (and achieving his aim).
  9. Graham Cluley, Senior Technology Consultant WorkTel:+44 (0)1235 544114 CellMobile:+44 (0)7990 552181

    ring him, oh he lives in oxford with his wife caroline
  10. He the founder? Ace.
  12. Wah-ometer is tripping here.

    "Munroe Forbes" (ITN Editor of News At Ten)
    "John Tyndall" (Former leader of National Front- now worm food)