Anti - Army civvies

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by shifty18, Dec 23, 2007.

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  1. Hello im not well known on the forums but ive posted a few times, Im off for CIC on the 13th Jan for the Rifles and I wanted to know about a few things.

    I have just spent my entire evening at my local hotel/pub and the manager was in. He told me he was anti army and spent the whole night telling me how sh*t it would be and how I will die. I did not hit the man but I was getting quite wound up about it and came back by saying how it was what I want to do and if tomorrow england was being invaded the silly old fuc*er would be kissing the soldiers arrses.

    Its pride and a way of life.

    any comments. shifty.
  2. Whenever I'm confronted with people like that, I'm torn between not wanting to reinforce their stereotypes by chinning them, and not giving a shit about their stereotypes and chinning them...
  3. Sure; I'm with the Rifles and my considered opinion is fuck him.

    You are joining a proud family, best wishes brother Rifleman in waiting.
  4. We have a military so armpits like that can have their misguided opinions.
    God bless 'em.
    Good luck to you fella.
  5. Shifty I did my 22 + guys like your local landlord are rare. But they are out there. On the big celebration days he will be first to put out the bunting if only for the revenue. I would have got my jacket and taken my money elsewhere and told all my mates to do the same. Did he say why he is anti army or was he just on the windup? HM Forces best in the world, best job , best life
  6. I get that every day off of my mates and generally every aqaintence I have. I'm off to Catterick on 24 Febuary 2008.

  7. Told my friends I passed my AOSB first comment "you'll be dead before I finish Uni" great thanks for that.

    Just forget it and think about your future as one of the best soldiers in the world.
  8. The Tw@ts probably jealous and/or inadequate. Ignore him, he is having an uneventful boring life, don't let him drag you down to his level.

    Good Luck and work hard. (The harder I work, the luckier I get)
  9. good luck drill fast and remember drink deeeeeeeep

  10. Good man, well done.

    The problem (one of them) with this country is soldiers are very out of favour. Thank the current govn for that. We are the obvious brunt of Joe Publics perceived opinion of the governments foreign policies. Add that to the fact that very few people in civvy strasse have a common connection with members of the Armed Forces due to the fact that most of them don't know anyone anymore who has served and it perpetuates the problem.

    When I was younger, heroes were the likes of the chaps who undertook Op Frankton, Op Nimrod, Op Corporate. Today, a hero is some pansy faggot who wins 'I'm a fcuking celebrity, get me ******* out of here' and anyone who manages to punt a spherical shaped piece of leather past some effeminate dago who can't string a coherent sentence together.

    Soldiers really don't have terribly good PR and that is typified recently by Jeremy Clarksons slightly poor comparative here

    We have arrived at a situation where the general civpop firstly don't understand what serving for the country is about (because our forces have been reduced so much, apparently, there is no need for people to serve) and secondly, they use the Armed Forces as a scape goat for their own failings. Those failings being THEY are the fcukers that re-elected a government who is less trustworthy than a paedo in a nursery (and they tend to believe the shite fed to them via the red top fish wrapper tabloids).

    20 or even 10 years ago, almost everyone knew somebody or had themselves served in HM Forces but due to draw down, the fall of the Iron Curtain and a general apathy of keeping up the insurance payments to a viable Armed Force, today, your average member of civpop doesn't give a fcuk and has no understanding of what we do or what commitment we make. We are considered the dirty end of society due in no small parts to what is published on the likes of YouTube and how the tabloids portray us. We all know that some of the things we are asked to do are incredibly objectionable but joe civvy feels he has a direct opinion on all our actions. This is because he sees a section or platoon attack going in on an objective and is free to sit there and put up score cards almost as it happens. His only basis of experience is either 'Ghost Recon' or what he has been fed by the media.

    The culmination of all of this is when civpop actually meet a member (or potential member) of HM Forces, they already have such a jaded opinion.

    As an anecdotic aside, I remember being at a party a few years ago. I was accosted by a female. Shall we say a rather 'liberated female'. Well to be frank, she was a stereotypical militant lezza. Short, fat, Doc Martin boot wearing 'activist'. She found out I was in the Army and made a beeline towards me. Her opening gambit was 'Do you feel happy about killing innocent babies in the name of capitalism?'. Now, me being the reserved sort of chap elected to use brain as opposed to brawn and not spark her our immediately. My retort was along the lines of;
    'I'm guessing you’re the sort of bird who used to hang around the fence of Greenham Common and fail to realise the essence of why we, the UK, have a nuclear deterrent? And you're also the type of clam jousting, overweight fem who clearly doesn’t understand the concept of why we have an Armed Force'.
    She was actually quite receptive as she thought a cerebral duelling match akin to some sort of 'uni debating society' was about to take place. I offered the following;
    'If it wasn't for the likes of us baby killing, jack booted fascist bully boys ensuring the safety- unquestionably, of the likes of you- a liberal, gobshitted clack licking opinionated munter who has no grasp of reality, life or anything that occurs on this planet, you would be nothing more than a fire lighting additive to a German oven operative. Thank the Lord that the blokes who commit such atrocities in your name understand what it is to be free and know what it means to allow the likes of you to continue to be able to be free- regardless of what their own opinions may be'.
    I was at the stage that I wanted to spark her out there and then on the spot. Luckily, the bit of totty I was with took the lead and stepped in. She walked over having heard the general gist of the conversation and grabbed the ugly lezza by the throat and lobbed the nut on her. Quality bird (Swiss finishing school and all that) and as hard as calculus. Laid the neo con heffer on her arrse and I got one of the best leg blowing up sessions ever from the totty for being a bally 'hero'.
  11. what you should know is, that the thoughts of those people that actually count, your fellow soldier serving or ex are one hundred percent behind you. I was that cold war soldier from the advert who got the sking, adventure training, trips to honkers etc and i have nothing but admiration ( and if truth be told a little envy ) for you guys and girls who are joining up to todays forces.
    Good luck and look out for your muckers
  12. These cnuts really do trot that one out all the time, failing to realise that the socialism they think they understand, isnt and never was a pacifist ideology. I love arguing with pinkos, one dimensional arguements are very easy to destroy!
  13. chin him

    I remember reading somewhere once a ditty along the line of (poetic justice and drunken memory to be taken into account)

    " A peace protestor and his bird came up to me and he said "you are a baby killing monster who will be dead before he is 30" to which the reply was "that may be so, but when she's getting wet tonight, she'll be fantacising about me""

    Fcuk him, he's worried that you will come back having been proven a man, where as he will always be one of those that "wish they had served" and then fcuk his missus.

    Theres a famous quote or poem somewhere about every man that has not served wishing he had in oder to prove he was a man, but i'm too pissed to remember it
  14. Samuel Johnson? "Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier, or not having been at sea."

  15. Suprised you've not stuck a 'RIP' on the end of that.

    Walting munter........