Anti-Armour rockets, LAW etc.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. What's being fired in this picture from Afghanistan? When I left in the early 90s LAW66 was supposed to be going out, LAW94 coming in and a bunker buster was "in procurement" (!)
    I subsequently heard that LAW94 was withdrawn.

    What's in the armoury now and how good are they?

    Edit to sort picture out it's in the Herrick Gallery.
  2. Would love to help, but your picture isn't appearing...

    Wild stab in the dark it could be Javelin your talking about, its the new 3rd gen anti tank missile we have bought off the yanks (and improved). Awesome bit of kit, very easy to use, can defeat all known armour/countermeasures & can be used for bunkers also.
  3. As frosty said could be Javelin which is currently replacing Milan which replaced the Carl Gustav 84 /Wombat,if not fired from a post i.e: single soldier operation could be NLAW which replaces LAW94, kin ell! not bad for a mortar man :cyclopsani:

    Look here for info on the LAW
    Web Page Name
  4. The picture won't show for me but the item being fired is likely to be a Javelin or AT4. As said the Javelin replaced Milan. The AT4 replaced the 94mm LAW (AT4 is also known as ILAW).

    Javelin (Guided Missile) and AT4 (Free Flight Rocket) both incorporate soft launch capability which means backblast is greatly reduced making them usable for OBUA (or whatever its called now)

    Its not known if Javelin will defeat all known armour although it is designed to attack the top armour and incorporates a tandem warhead to defeat reactive armour. 3rd Generation is a misnomer utilized by the media/advertisers. There would not be a 4th generation missile system.

    Javelins easy to recognise on the launcher (CLU) as it looks like the launch tube is pointing in up the air and not at the target.

    BTW 66mm is still used by SF
  5. This is bizarre :scratch: When I was in, Javalin (sp?) was replacing blowpipe, which is air defence. OK I got out in '94, so much will have changed. But then again maybe not, as the 'new Bulldog AFV looks very much like the good old 432 stuff I'm used to ;)
  6. There are two Javelins in service as far as I know, one for air defence and the other for anti armour. A wee bit confusing i suppose.
  7. Bumped now I've sorted the picture.

    I always thought 66 was a useful thing for recce patrols. If you come into contact, fire one of those at them for a bit of handheld "shock and awe" whilst bugging out. Never had to do it for real of course and it would be better with a blast or dual purpose warhead but it's compact enough to carry about easily.

    LAW 94 seemed far to cumbersome to be of much use. As I recall, before introduction, the doctrine was going to be that everyone in an Inf section was supposed to carry one!
  8. that definitely looks like an AT4 i think now seeing the pic
  9. Good job the new one isn't the Infantry New Light Anti-armour Weapon then! :D
  10. how things have changed since 86 when i got out..


  11. No we cant use the INLAW as it's banned inder the Geneva Conventions :lol:
  12. Nice one E_S, it is an AT4.

    The AD Javelin went out of service a few years back, but if you are feeling a little nostalgic you will be pleased to know that we still have Swingfire, which has been in service for around 30 years and its a few years before it will be replaced.
  13. That died a death pretty quickly .1 in a section if that horrid thing fun to fire though.